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Vegas Chip Shots
By A -Play’s Chip Chirimbes


Well, we all saw it Monday Night. The San Francisco 49ers get a first down between the one and two yard line with 56 second to go. The Niners are trailing by five 29-24 so most assume with no time outs left that they will spike the ball to kill the clock. Okay, maybe it wasn’t what I would have done off the bat but it’s the play in vogue for the NFL. The problem is that it takes 26 seconds to stop the clock as Mike Martz sends player substitutions into the game to spike the ball and stop the clock. This makes NO sense to me. If you are going to send in players run a passing play to the flag or post, just don’t give up 26 seconds when there is under a minute left to spike the ball. You are already giving up a play by making substitutions and now you don’t even run a play.

What followed was even worse, with no timeouts left Martz decides to ‘trick ‘em’ and calls a running play with Frank Gore. Gore goes down around the one but there is an official review being called for the NFL booth. After wasting 26 seconds by failing to line-up and spike the ball Mike Martz now runs the ball with no time outs and gives the Niners only one play from inside the two yard line with 56 seconds to go. Now with the clock stopped because of the review, Martz assumes (once again) that the ball will be placed at the one, it wasn’t, it was placed outside the three yard line. Then the Niners run a dive that had no chance with Michael Robinson (Who?) The officials put four seconds on the clock so the 49ers actually had time to spike the ball and huddle up before running a final play be it a pass or run. It is amazing to me that these guys get paid such big money to make such horrible decisions when the pressure in on.


I love this stuff. Two weeks ago Southern California wins 56-0 against Washington and drops two spots in the ratings, and in the same week Penn State has a bye after having beaten Ohio State on the road and they dropped a spot in the ratings. This was for the most part because Texas Tech beat Texas at home on a last second throw and catch. Tech deserved to move up as they killed the Longhorns with stats. The Red Raiders had 15 more first downs and more than 200 total yards than did Texas. Although Texas Tech needed to score on the final play of the game they dominated Texas on the field building a big halftime lead before the ‘Horns made their second half rush.

Iowa did the BCS a service by knocking off undefeated Penn State. If the Nittany Lions had remained undefeated they would have made it to the championship game in Miami although many believe that a one loss SEC team like Florida or Alabama along with a one loss Big-12 team like Oklahoma or Texas Tech should have been selected ahead of them to play in t he big game. If Penn State out of the Big-10 a BCS conference not matter how weak this year, Penn State would have had to get the nod. Now, all this talk of Utah or any other undefeated team having a shot is silly. I’ve seen Utah, Miami-O and Bosie State play and believe me they are two, three and four loss teams in any of the BCS conferences (Even the Big-10, or ACC, the Big-East is another issue). I love this BCS crap because it gives me something to write about every year. My only hope is that if they have a playoff system installed that it comes after the Bowl Games.


Will Greg Odom ever play in the NBA? The Portland Trailblazers have a history of drafting injury prone players and they did it again with Odom out of Ohio State after his freshman year where he missed time because of foot and leg problems. Odom is said to be 19 years old and maybe he will get healthy and become a star in the NBA. The problem to me is, I think from looking at him that he really might be 42 years old and ready for retirement.


Paul ‘Chip’ Chirimbes appeared ’live’ weekly for CNN/SI for six years over 300 appearances from 1995-2001 as Las Vegas’ expert voice for weekend events where he handled viewer questions and gave his analysis. He currently can be seen during the football season on Winning Edge which airs on Discovery Channel network during the NFL season. He appeared from September 1987- December 2006 on USA’s Proline. As one of the foremost experts in sports, Chip has been quoted in many national publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA TODAY and countless others.



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