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**Note - contests - we had server issues this past weekend which prevented most from accessing our forums on Sunday. We will be starting the Last Man Standing contest over, and will allow the NFL Game of the week contestants to pick 2 games this week to make up for the site being down. So, the good news is, you can still participate in both of these contests from start to finish!!! Visit the Forums


Well folks, after NFL pre season football, and now one week of the NFL and two weeks of college ball, if you're not already comfortably ahead on the season, you need to reevaluate what you're doing as there's still time to get back on track. We've been in this business a long time. Literally one of the very first sportsbetting sites on the net back in the mid 90's and the very first to deal with and monitor offshore sportsbooks. We hand picked a group of handicappers to join us on Bettorsworld and on our Free Sports Monitor site and the group has not disappointed. It's not the usual group of fluff you see scattered throughout the net. These are solid, winning handicappers and services that produce consistent profits for their clients. Each and every handicapper we have on the site is a long term winner.


We did a write up on Carolina Sports over the summer as well. In that write up we noted Michael Blakes College football expertise and his knack for hitting the big plays. Well, he's off to a 5-1 start in college football, a 2-0 start in the NFL and in off a very nice 9-5 NFL pre season.


Rocketman is one of the best "big game" handicappers in the biz. So far he's undefeated at 2-0 on the NFL and a nice 4-1 in college ball.


How about Chris James? He's on a 20-4-1 run his last 25 releases which includes baseball (baseball isn't dead yet - still money to be made1)


We simply don't have the space needed to point out the highlights of every handicapper on the site. There are too many . Just about everyone is in the black. These guys do their homework so you don't have to.


If you ever asked yourself if it was worthwhile using a sports handicapping service, consider this. The most well known sports bettor in the world, doesn't handicap the games himself. Most of you have heard of Billy Walters. Did you realize that Billy Walters relies on the talents of several different handicappers for his success? He's even used a couple of commercially available handicappers, some names you've no doubt heard of, in the past.

Have a look at what the Free Sports Monitor Handicappers have done thus far -


2008 Overall
Computer 900 87-66-3 (57% for +$2771)
Chris James Sports 102-73-4 (59% for +$1414)
Pupsnchalk Sports 51-44 (54% for +$1126)
Sal Bansa Sports 42-25 (63% for +$1053)
Carolina Sports 16-6-3 (73% for +$980)
Whopper 248-188-3 (57% for +$917)
Consensus Club 30-21 (59% for +$857)
Lekota Sports 31-22-1 (59% for +$785)
Xbigpappa Sports 22-16-2 (58% for +$560)
MROD Sports 75-65-3 (54% for +$525)
Tony Stevens 33-28 (55% for +$369)
Heavyhitter Sports 103-103-6 (50% for +$64)

2008 NFL Pre-Season
Bob Sharppe 10-3 (77% for +$679)
Computer 900 13-8-1 (62% for +$465)
Carolina Sports 9-5-2 (65% for +$385)
Heavyhitter Sports 6-4-1 (60% for +$191)
Consensus Club 6-4 (60% for +$188)
Rocketman Sports 7-5-2 (59% for +$184)
Vegas Wise 6-4 (60% for +$141)
Lekota Sports 15-13-1 (54% for +$135)
Xbigpappa Sports 8-7-1 (54% for +$99)

2008-2009 NFL

Lekota Sports 7-2 (78% for +$496)
Chris James Sports 4-1 (80% for +$313)
Consensus Club 3-0 (100% for +$303)
Bob Harvey 3-0 (100% for +$302)
Xbigpappa Sports 5-2 (72% for +$290)
Rocketman Sports 2-0 (100% for +$200)
Carolina Sports 2-0 (100% for +$200)
Khandor's Sports Service 2-0 (100% for +$200)
Heavyhitter Sports 3-2 (60% for +$105)
MROD Sports 4-3 (58% for +$93)
Computer 900 4-3 (58% for +$90)

2007-2008 NBA
MROD Sports 1-0 (100% for +$100)

2008-2009 NCAAF
Tony Stevens 11-4 (74% for +$679)
Chris James Sports 7-2-1 (78% for +$454)
Computer 900 9-5-1 (65% for +$395)
Carolina Sports 5-1-1 (84% for +$395)
Sal Bansa Sports 6-2 (75% for +$391)
Eddie McKinney 7-3 (70% for +$387)
Rocketman Sports 4-1 (80% for +$296)
Joseph D'Amico 7-4 (64% for +$293)
Xbigpappa Sports 9-6-1 (60% for +$271)
Heavyhitter Sports 11-8-1 (58% for +$261)
Big Al Mcmordie 4-2 (67% for +$190)
Carson James 5-3-1 (63% for +$186)
Lekota Sports 9-7 (57% for +$154)
Fast Actin Handicappin 4-3 (58% for +$84)
Consensus Club 8-7 (54% for +$59)

2008 MLB

Whopper 506-348-3 (60% for +$5952)
Computer 900 61-50-1 (55% for +$1821)
Pupsnchalk Sports 45-38 (55% for +$1131)
Chris James Sports 90-66-3 (58% for +$1038)
Sal Bansa Sports 35-21 (63% for +$779)
MROD Sports 60-50-3 (55% for +$587)
Consensus Club 13-9 (60% for +$410)
Chip Chirimbes 4-0 (100% for +$406)



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