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NFL “Power Rating Totals”

We have a new weekly feature here at Bettorsworld for the 2009-2010 football season. Handicapper Jamie Tursini has agreed to provide us with his Totals Power Ratings each week. Most of you are familiar with power ratings used for Sides, but power ratings for Totals are something you don't find anywhere on the net. Yet the real pro's all use power ratings when handicapping Totals.

Totals Power Ratings work the same way as Sides Power Ratings. You're looking for significant differences between the ratings and the official betting lines. Naturally you'll still want to pay attention to other factors such as weather and injuries that could impact the totals, but the power ratings are a great place to start.

Jamie suggests a gap of 3 points or more for a play. So let's take a look at this weeks games as of Friday Morning. Jamie's numbers have the total on the Browns - Vikings game at 42. The board currently shows a coujple of 39.5's out there so if the number drops another half point, we'd look to play the game over 39.

Same situation with the Lions at Saints. Jamie's numbers show the total at 51 while the lowest on the board currently is 48.5. If the number were to drop to 48 we'd have a play on the over.

Next up is the Redskins - Giants game. The Power Ratings have the total at 42.5 while the board shows a solid 37 all the way across. Here we have a 5.5 point gap and a definite play on the Over 37 in this NFC East clash.

The Ratings have the Bears Packers game at 43.5 while Vegas and Offshore have 46.5 as the posted total. This would be a play on the Under.

Finally, Monday Night, Jamie's Power Ratings have the Patriots Bills total at 43.5 whole the books have posted a total of 47.5 which is 4 points off according to the power ratings. This would suggest a play on the Under on Monday Night.

Of course lines will move, creating plays where none are currently present and likely making some of these already posted no plays. So be sure to shop for the best lines and keep an eye on other intangibles that could have an impact on the game and the points scored.

Listed below are all of this weeks Power Rating Totals. Be sure to Visit Jamie Tursini at his website!


Week 1

Atlanta 44.5

Kansas City
Baltimore 36.5

Carolina 41.5

Cincinnati 44.5

Cleveland 42

N.Y. Jets
Houston 44.5

Indianapolis 43.5

New Orleans 51

Tampa Bay 42

San Francisco
Arizona 47

N.Y. Giants 42.5

St. Louis
Seattle 43

Green Bay 43.5

New England 43.5

San Diego
Oakland 44



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