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A Betting Line Posted on Every NFL Game to be Played This Year

Innovative Sportsbook Keeps Things Interesting

We did an article recently about the College Football Games of the year and some of the betting opportunities for the sharp players. The same opportunities exist for the NFL. As a matter of fact, the opportunities are about to grow by leaps and bounds thanks to leading Sportsbook SPORTSBETTING.COM. You see, they are about to take futures betting to a whole new level.

SPORTSBETTING.COM is going to post lines on every NFL game this season. From week 1 thru Week 17, all before any regular season games have been played! To the best of our knowledge, this is a first. It's also an impossible task, which opens the door for the sharp bettors. The oddsmakers at SPORTSBETTING.COM have to put up a line on every game to be played this year. However, you the bettor, can concentrate on one or two teams.

Take your favorite team, or pick a team or two at random and become an expert on that team. Go through their entire schedule game by game and look for soft spots. Look for situations where a team figures to be flat such as a 3rd straight road game. Better yet, look for West Coast teams heading East. Anything to gain an edge. Remember, to profit from these betting opportunities, you don't have to bet to win. You can anticipate line moves and go for middles. The opportunities are endless.

We give lots of credit to SPORTSBETTING.COM. After so many years in this business, we thought we had seen everything. But sportsbooks like this keep coming up with new and innovative bet offers to really make things interesting and new. That's what keeps them at the head of the pack year after year.

Speaking of getting an edge. There's a big preseason game on tap for Saturday. More than a few handicappers that we have a world of respect for have zeroed in on this one particular game. They obviously have found something with this game. One of those services is Carolina Sports. Carolina Sports plays are available right here on Bettorsworld. Carolina Sports has made this game their NFL Preseason Game of the year right out of the gate! Needless to say, we have already bet the game ourselves. You should as well. You can get this game right here.

Good Luck this week and every week of the 2009-2010 Football season and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter below to receive all of our Key Releases this year, FREE.

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