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Super Bowl 44 will take place in Miami Florida on February 7, 2010. Below, we are going to present the current, updated odds to win the Super Bowl. It's always interesting to take an early look at the Super Bowl odds for several reasons. One being, it's always fun to look back as the season goes on, to see how far off some of these odds were. The other reason of course, is to find some value with some of these NFL teams so we can cash in!

Over the last decade, the NFL has become a league where you can go from worst to first in just one year. How about the Atlanta Falcons a year ago? Of course, they didn't win the Super Bowl, but it shows you what's possible. The trick is to find a few teams that are likely to surprise. If you can find a team now at odds of 20-1 or better, and be lucky enough to get that team into the playoffs, you can profit without having to have that team actually win Super Bowl 44. You can hedge that wager once the playoffs begin, if it looks like your long shot has no chance to go all the way.

Ah, but first you need to find that 20-1 shot that's got a shot to make it to the playoffs. Start doing your homework. There's more information available on these teams than ever before. Analyze each teams draft. Look at their schedules. Look for teams that were on the brink a year ago and look ready to finally break through. Look for reasons to discard some of the favorites.

Speaking of favorites, How about the New England Patriots at current odds of 3.5 to 1 making them the favorite to win it all this year. Backing a favorite in futures wagers is never a good idea. Too much risk for too little return. The Patriots are a perfect example of a team you'd look to discard. One strategy would be to take a look at the rest of the AFC East.

The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets have current odds of  50/1 while the Miami Dolphins have current odds of 60/1. If any of those three teams can upset the apple cart in the AFC East and manage to edge out the Patriots in the division, they'll make the playoffs and you'll have all kinds of opportunities to profit. Personally, I think the Pats have an uphill battle. They aren't the same team they used to be and Tom Brady hasn't taken a snap in a real game for over a year.

The Dolphins finished 11-5 last season, the Jets 9-7 and the Bills 7-9. So it's not as if we're looking at 3 teams who were among the worst in the NFL. We're talking about a playoff team and two teams that were close enough to knock on the door. So take a good look at the AFC East for some potential money making opportunities at odds to win the Super Bowl of 50-1 or more, making them among the biggest long shots in the entire NFL.

Here are the current odds to win the Super Bowl, courtesy of, the Largest Sportsbook in the world. But shop around, have a look at our Top Rated Sportsbooks as well, it always pays to shop for the best odds!



Courtesy of

 New England Patriots +350

New York Giants +1000

Pittsburgh Steelers +1000

Philadelphia Eagles +1200

Dallas Cowboys +1200

San Diego Chargers +1200

Indianapolis Colts +1200

Chicago Bears +2000

New Orleans Saints +2000

Green Bay Packers +2000

Minnesota Vikings +2000

Carolina Panthers +2000

Baltimore Ravens +2000

Tennessee Titans +2000

Atlanta Falcons +3000

Jacksonville Jaguars +3000

Arizona Cardinals +3000

Seattle Seahawks +4000

San Francisco 49ers +4000

Washington Redskins +4000

Denver Broncos +4000

Houston Texans +4000

Buffalo Bills +5000

New York Jets +5000

Miami Dolphins +6000

Kansas City Chiefs +7500

Cincinnati Bengals +7500

Cleveland Browns +7500

Tampa Bay Buccanneers +10000

Oakland Raiders +10000

Detroit Lions +10000

Saint Louis Rams +10000

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