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What's coming up here at BW ?


With football and college hoops behind us we wanted to give our readers a run down of what to expect over the next couple of months. We are of course known first as a football site. Specifically College Football. We start our football coverage mid summer and have some of the best info to be found anywhere each and every year.

But that leaves a gap from April to July to fill, and fill it we do! We will be covering several major events over the summer, as always, and will also have a nice surprise or two for our readers.

We have the Triple Crown races coming up soon and as our readers know, we offer coverage that is 2nd to none. This year will be no different. We have the NBA playoffs as well as the American Idol stretch run, all of which should offer some nice opportunities to profit and we also have the World Cup in June which is always exciting, even for us Americans that don't usually get into soccer!

We also have a professional sports bettor who has agreed to give us some insight into his exploits. There is no set schedule for this series of articles, other than that they will start some time in the spring and  run through mid summer. These articles are guaranteed to show you some ways to profit in your sports betting endeavors should you choose to put in the time. We don't know exactly what the articles will entail, but we have discussed some of the things he will be addressing and we're sure you'll find it to be fascinating.

So keep checking in daily. You don't want to miss this stuff!

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