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New visitors find their way to Bettorsworld each and every day. Among those visitors are bettors with some experience, bettors with a lot of experience, and bettors with no experience. We get quite a few questions from those of you in the some experience and no experience category, so this article is geared towards you.

 Sports betting can be a great hobby. It can be a lot of fun and hey, how many "hobbies" are there that you can actually profit from? So if you just want to have some fun, then my advice to you would be to learn the basics, get a few accounts, shop for the best lines, and have fun. But if you're looking to do a little more than just have a little fun with it, my advice to you is simple......Think outside the box.

Look, it's fun to bet on NFL games and NBA games but you have to accept that your chances of beating those sports long term are slim to none. I'm referring specifically to straight bets on sides and totals for the full game outcome. If there's an edge to be had in the major betting sports, it's likely to be found in College Football and College Hoops. Once again, I'm talking strictly about betting on full game outcomes. MLB offers some fantastic opportunities as well but it takes a mindset that most bettors with moderate to no experience don't have.

My advice to those that really want to make a go of it and attempt outsmart the books would be to concentrate on 1st halves, halftimes and quarters. If you're feeling real brave, concentrate on MLB 1st 5 innings as well. I'd push you in that direction simply because it's a form of betting that hasn't been around for all that long and is also an area that books pay less attention to.

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Pointspread betting on full game outcomes has been around for years. There were still edges to be had in the 70's and 80's and then again when the internet first kicked in around the mid 90's. Those edges started to dwindle in the early 2000's to the point where many of them are non existent today. The online sportsbooks of today have learned many lessons from the books that came before them and failed.

But halftimes, quarters, halves and live in game betting are relatively new. My advice to you would be to pick an area where you want to specialize and then go to town. Maybe your specialty would be college hoops 1st halves. Start your own database. Track 1st half scores. Make your own first half power ratings. Keep standings as far as wins and losses for the first half only. There isn't a website online that offers this data, you'd have information that only you and a select few sharp bettors have.

Sportsbooks make mistakes each and every night with their halftime lines and 1st half lines. Track NBA teams. When sportsbooks post a 1st half line it's generally half of the game line. But rarely do teams score the same averages in the 2nd half as they do in the 1st. You'll find many NBA teams do most of their damage in the first half for example. In other words, a team might be a valid 8 point favorite, but that doesn't mean they will likely win by 4 in the first half and 4 in the 2nd half. More likely, they'd win by 8 in the first half and the 2nd half would be even. Yet the books have a 1st half line of -4. There's your edge.

There are so many new kinds of bets and propositions. It's up to you to find an area you'd like to explore and then become an expert. The sportsbooks and your fellow bettors have had decades to perfect full game pointspread betting. No, they haven't perfected it yet, there just aren't as many opportunities. (although they may have perfected the NFL : ) But become an expert in NBA 1st quarter betting........well, then you're on to something.

Think outside the box.

Good Luck!

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