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College Football Score Prediction Model

10/27/11 - 10/29/11

The college football season is moving right along. Some teams have just 3 games left! Time flies. We're going to take a different approach this week with our score prediction model. We're not going to have any comments, instead, we'll post the results for each and every game. You're going to have to do a little work of your own this week by comparing the scores to the betting line.

What you'll be looking for, are games where there is a significant difference between the predicted score and the line, both sides and totals. Underdogs that are predicted to win straight up are worth an extra look. We will list the predicted winning team, followed by the predicted score. As always. remember, this is just one phase of the process and should be used in conjunction with other methods. The model doesn't know the star QB is hurt, or that there is a driving rain storm come game time. Good Luck this week!

Miami 31-14
Houston 53-21
TCU 36-21
Clemson 39-33
Iowa 44-16
Mich St 26-21
Miss St 23-13
Marshall 21-14
Central Mich 28-21
W Mich 34-17
Wake Forest 28-27
Fla St 44-17
Northwestern 35-24
Michigan 29-13
Penn St 17-12
Va Tech 28-17
Rutgers 28-21
Louisville 18-17
Maryland 28-19
Auburn 27-20
Arkansas 27-24
Texas 57-26
Bowling Green 25-14
Air Force 66-19
SMU 30-27
Arizona St 48-14
East Carolina 37-24
Texas AM 35-31
Texas Tech 55-26
Buffalo 20-20
Notre Dame 39-21
Florida 21-21
La Tech 31-21
Central Fla 36-7
Hawaii 40-23
Colo St 27-23
Utah 28-18
Cal 37-25
Washington 44-38
Oregon 62-20
South Carolina 26-21
Oklahoma 33-24
Oklahoma State 57-46
Wisconsin 25-14
So Miss 38-21
Stanford 35-18
Nevada 37-26
San Diego St 42-20
UL Monroe 27-16
Arkansas State 34-15
UL Laff 45-28

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