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12/1/11 - 12/3/11

Here are this weeks college football score predictions. Hoops predictions will begin next week. We will post some top 20 teams daily here on the site. Details on how to receive the entire card each and every day of the college hoops season can be found here.

Our college basketball model is even more accurate than our football model. With hundreds of games on the board for the next 4 months, take the guesswork out of your handicapping!

Here are this weeks football predictions:

South Florida 31-27
Northern Illinois 38-32
Oregon 58-16
Cinci 30-15
Pitt 28-19
Houston 42-28
Kansas State 38-23
Wyoming 32-24
TCU 58-13
Texas 37-36
Utah State 51-27
Nevada 41-18
North Texas 33-25
LSU 28-13
Boise St 68-7
BYU 33-23
Oklahoma 43-39 Oklahoma State 46-41 using common opp
SD St 36-26
Virginia Tech 29-21
Wisconsin 25-17

Basketball details here










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