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Kansas State vs. Miami Pointspread Pick with Analysis


Kansas State travels to Miami this week to take on the Hurricanes in the first ever meeting between the two schools. Miami is a good sized -13 point favorite and are fresh off a 24-6 win over #17 Ohio State in what could have been billed as a battle of the NCAA "bad boys".

Each week here at Bettorsworld we try and cover many of the Marquee matchups on the board. We do this because these games involve high profile teams that attract most of the betting action each week and are always televised. We realize that many of our readers are going to bet these games no matter what, so we take on these games and offer our best possible opinion. But you should also note that often times, these games are best left alone.

This may be one such game, mainly because we really have no idea what we are dealing with as far as Kansas State goes if we are to use their two games to date. Sure, they look very good. But, they beat Eastern Kentucky, barely, and last week they beat Kent State, 37-0. You expect the Kent State score. You don't expect the 10-7 score over Eastern Kentucky.

As far as the Miami Hurricanes go, they lost an opening week road game at Maryland but rose to the occasion last week by knocking off Ohio State, outrushing them 363-209 and holding the Ohio State QB's to 4 for 18 and a measly 35 yards through the air. What kind of Ohio State team they beat remains to be seen and likely won't be able to be answered until the season is over. But let's face it, it's an Ohio State team with an interim coach coming and under an NCAA microscope, as the Hurricanes are themselves, due to NCAA violations.

 What we do know about Kansas State is that they have a good number of players on their roster that were here a year ago. Last year's team was 7-6 and of those 6 losses, only Nebraska was able to extend the margin in a 48-17 win. Their other 5 losses were all by 10 points or less and there were some very good teams on their dance card such as UCF, Oklahoma State, Texas and Missouri.

When a team wins such an emotionally charged game like the Hurricanes did last Saturday, it can be a great spot for a letdown the following week. Sometimes those letdowns last an entire game, sometimes it's just evident in the beginning. So look to possibly play Kansas State in the 1st quarter and the 1st half this week against Miami. This can also work in your favor when dealing with a team like Miami that is likely to have more depth than Kansas State as Miami may wear them down as the game progresses.

But we'll also make a recommendation on Kansas State +13 for the entire game. They proved last year that they can hang with good teams and the question marks still exist with the Hurricanes as we saw in the Maryland Game.

So, 3 recommendations here:

Kansas State +13 for the game

Kansas State + in the 1st qtr

Kansas State + in the 1st Half

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