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Early Super Bowl 47 Lines






As we head into Championship weekend in the NFL, 5 Dimes Sportsbook is already looking ahead to the Super Bowl. 5 Dimes is known not just for having reduced juice wagering options, but for also offering more props and futures than any other book on the planet. Naturally, they lead the pack with their Super Bowl bets offers as you'll see below.


They have the standard "Odds to Win the Super Bowl" posted already. They are as follows:

Patriots +110 or Field -130

49ers +205 or Field -245

Falcons +520 or Field -740

Ravens +840 or Field -1290


You can also bet AFC over the NFC right now, regardless of which teams make it in. That line is as follows:

AFC -2.5 -115

NFC +2.5 -105

Over/Under 50


Next up would be individual game lines. The teams must meet in the Super Bowl for these bets to have action:

49ers -3.5 or -185

Ravens +3.5 or +155


Patriots -2 or -140

49ers +2 or +110


Falcons -1.5 or -135

Ravens +1.5 or +105


Patriots -6 or -250

Falcons +6 or +190


Lots of ways to wet your Super Bowl appetite at 5 Dimes and that's only the tip of the iceberg.  More props will be posted throughout the week on both the Super Bowl and of course the Championship games. Then, after this weeks games are final, it will be Super Bowl props GALORE! More props than you could ever imagine will be posted at 5 Dimes in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl and as you all know, Super Bowl props are one example of a proposition where the astute better can obtain an edge! Be sure to check them out.





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