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Here we go around the NFL and offer a pick on each game along with a sentence or two. The only games not included here are the Monday night game and the two games we have written up separately on the home page. As usual, as the season progresses, our NFL coverage will increase with more individual game write ups. We've also designated a handful of games as best bets.


Browns +2 over Bengals - These two rank 19th and 20th in yards per point differential. The Browns have the slightly better defense while the Bengals have the slightly better offense. Using these numbers to make a line, the Browns would be -2 point favorites, so perhaps the wrong team is favored here. Browns at home.


Jets -3.5 over Colts - The mediocre Jets should have an easier time moving the ball this week against the 26th ranked Colts defense (using our numbers) than they did last week against the Texans. This one could be close so be careful, but the Jets need a big win here. We'll lay the small spot.


Bucs -4.5 over Chiefs - Best Bet - Chiefs hung with Ravens, but not this week. Bucs are better than their 1-3 record indicates. They rank top 10 on both sides of the ball and 8th in ypp differential. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are dead last. Don't let last weeks Chiefs score fool you. They are a BAD football team. Bucs +3 in Turnover differential, Chiefs an NFL worst -15!


Falcons -9 over Raiders - One of the NFL's best against one of the NFL's worst. What to do......what to do.......Falcons!


Ravens -3.5 over Cowboys - Best Bet - write up on home page.


Lions +3.5 over Eagles - Two HUGE disappointments this year. Eagles are in 1st place in the NFC East, but not for long. They don't belong. They aren't very good. Trust us. Lions are no better though. Making this a surprise garbage game. Who woulda thought. Lions need it more, but we wouldn't bet this one with your money.


Rams +3.5 over Dolphins - The Rams have taken on the characteristics of their coach Jeff Fisher which is no surprise to us. This is a pretty good football team so far that has a good chance to come out on top in this spot. We'll gladly take the spot here against this Dolphins offense.


Seahawks +3.5 over Pats - Pats offense = very good. Seahawks defense = very good. Pats defense = good. Seahawks offense = not too good. That could be the difference here, the Seahawks offense. But our numbers suggest this one could be very close, in fact one model predicts a 1 point Pats win, so we'll take a shot here with the Seahawks who are a different team at home.


Cardinals -4.5 over Bills - Best Bet - Cards bounce back here. We have them winning this one by 10-15 points.


Vikings at Redskins - this game off the board as of Friday morning due to status of RG3 and Adrian Peterson. We have the Vikings by 3-5 points if both play.


49ers -6.5 over Giants - Best Bet - write up on home page


Texans -3.5 over Packers - Best Bet - This one could be easy for the Texans. The Packers are a mediocre, middle of the road NFL team (sorry cheese heads). The Packers name, and their success in the previous couple of years, combined with the Texans performance Monday against the Jets, are keeping this number down. Texans by 8 to 11 points at least.

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