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Thursday Night

NFL Pick


The leading candidate to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this year has once again stumbled. The San Francisco 49ers have been brought back down to earth for the 2nd time this season after a humbling home loss in blowout fashion to the New York Giants. The first time the 49ers lost this year, they followed up by outscoring their next two opponents 79-3. But don't count on that happening this time around as they face what looks to be a Seattle Seahawks defense that looks like it's for real.

We anticipated a dominant 49ers season after watching this team last year. That's not to say they still can't be. Perhaps we will look back on 2012 and specifically the Giants game and say, that's where the 49ers woke up. But to this point, it looks like a team that will once again struggle at times offensively and, again, to this point, the defense simply hasn't looked as good as last years unit.

This is a huge game for both teams as both are at 4-2 in the NFC West in a 3 way tie with the Cardinals and they all have the 3-3 Rams right in their heels. The Seahawks look like they will be a thorn in the sides of any team they face this year. Unlike the 49ers, both of the Seahawks losses were close games, losing by 6 and 4 and they also have wins over the Cowboys, Packers and Patriots.

The Seahawks have the 8th best yards per point number defensively, in the NFL. The 49ers are 10th. Both teams offensive numbers show they have trouble converting yards into points. In the 49ers case, those offensive numbers are the result of a Jekyll and Hyde type performance, while with the Seahawks, it's been fairly consistent. The Seahawks aren't going to be breaking any scoring records this year.

Roll it all together and you come up with what looks like a good close game on Thursday night. We'd expect a much different performance from the 49ers but unlike after their last loss, the Seahawks aren't the Jets or the Bills. We can't pass up the full touchdown in this spot. Seahawks +7

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