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Week 1 NFL Odds

Picks and Analysis

2012 Season

Many of you may not have noticed, busy going to the beach, watching some baseball and getting into the groove of summer, but Week 1 NFL odds have been posted! In fact, some sportsbooks had week 1 NFL odds posted as early as April! In years past, it was customary for one or two sportsbooks to post early NFL odds but these days, just about every major offshore book as them posted. You can be sure that the week 1 college lines aren't far behind.

You can see all of the week 1 Odds by visiting our Free Live Odds Feed

Of course, with a few exceptions, these week 1 odds are a reflection of last year's results. The exceptions would be in the obvious cases of personnel changes, such as Peyton Manning joining the Broncos. As we all know, things change from year to year in the NFL. We've seen teams go from 1st to worst and worst to 1st. Chalk it up to parity.

Bettors can certainly gain an edge betting into these week 1 odds by simply paying attention to each teams training camps. There will be key players injured and cut from the team as well as plenty of other line changing drama that typically takes place each year. Not to mention the results of pre season games yet to be played, which will also impact these early odds. So pay attention. When you hear that there's been a key player cut or injured, hurry on over to your offshore book and see if the line has moved yet. At the very least you can set up some nice middle opportunities betting both sides and totals.

Let's take a look at some key week 1 matchups and see if we can't pick a winner or two. However, use caution if following these picks for the very same reasons we just talked about. Things will change between now and kickoff!

Browns +7.5 over Eagles - Yeah, maybe we're a sucker for good sized home dogs, and the Browns aren't without problems, particularly a potential QB controversy. The Browns offense was a major problem a year ago, but they should get a boost regardless of who is taking snaps behind center with the addition of Running Back Trent Richardson. The Browns we're in most games they played a year ago. Plenty of close games and a defense that kept opponents out of the end zone, 5th in the NFL at 19 points per game allowed. The feeling here is that margin will be less than a TD.


Redskins +10 over Saints - This is a weak call, but worth mentioning due to the problems in New Orleans as a result of the bounty controversy.


49ers +7 over Packers - Right now there are only a couple of 7's available. There are mostly all 6.5's on the board. We'd still play this at +6.5. A year ago, we felt the 49ers were a QB away from being the best team in the NFL. That may very well be the case once again this year. This is a huge game to kick off the year for both teams and we see no reason why this one won't be a field goal game and one the 49ers may even be able to win straight up.


Broncos -1.5 over Steelers - In last years playoffs, the Broncos we're sizable home underdogs to the Steelers and came away with a straight up win and that was with Tim Tebow at QB. Now all eyes will be on Mr. Peyton Manning. Manning has to answer plenty of questions. Will he be able to be the Peyton Manning of old after a year off? How rusty will he be? Will his neck injury cause a change to his game? Will he be gun shy? Afraid to take a hit? Too many serious questions perhaps to make a serious investment here, but, we still like our chances with the Broncos. We've seen the difference Manning makes to a team by his absence last year in Indy. If Tebow can beat the Steelers, Manning, even with the question marks, should be able to duplicate that effort.

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