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Week 17

NFL Picks

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Welcome to the whacky final week of the NFL regular season. Generally, we take a look at each game on the NFL card and offer our selection or best guess on each. This week, we will leave off the meaningless games, of which there are several, and look only at games where at least one team needs to win. One caveat........teams that HAVE to win in the final week, don't always come through. In fact, some of these lines are so inflated, it's just about an automatic to go against the must win team in those cases.


Patriots -10 over Dolphins - The Dolphins aren't a bad tem, especially on the defensive side of the ball. But they struggle offensively and don't figure to be able to match Brady and company point for point in a game the Pasts need. It's a long shot, but if Denver or Houston loses and the Pats win, they get a first round bye.


Texans -6.5 over Colts - Best Bet - We've stated many times that we don't believe in the Colts as a complete team. A playoff team. Andrew Luck is phenomenal and this team will compete for titles in the future, but not this year. Truth is, we may back the Texans here if both teams were at full strength. But the Texans need this one and the Colts don't. The Colts may even rest players, making this one a no brainer.


Redskins -3.5 over Cowboys - Providing that the Vikings and Bears don't both win, which would clinch a wild card for the skins, this one shapes up as a playoff game which is why it was moved to prime time. The Cowboys are another team we simply don't believe in. RG3 could be the difference here, at home.


Lions +3 over Bears - if you take each teams entire body of work this year, the Bears are the better team by a mile. However, they  have faltered big time down the stretch, losing 5 of their last 7. The need to win, and have the Vikings lose, a very real possibility, in order to get in. But peg this one as an upset special based solely on the Bears current form.


Packers -3 -120 over Vikings - Both teams need this one. But the Packers are on fire and a win here gets them a first round bye. The number is very reasonable at -3.


Chiefs +16 over Broncos - Broncos need this one for better playoff positioning. They'll get it, but perhaps not by enough. Always the chance that starters get taken out when the game is in hand which leaves the back door open. This one might be a good one to stay away from.


Cardinals +16.5 over 49ers - Another inflated line and one that it might be best to stay away from. 49ers need this one in more ways than one. Need to build some confidence after last weeks demolition against the Seahawks and what better way than against the hapless Cards. But things don't always pan out as logic suggests in the NFL. Again, might be best to stay away.

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