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2013-2014 Basketball Score Predictions

Hoops is here which means it's time to get our College Hoops and NBA score predictions! Many of you are familiar with our models, which use extensive data to predict the outcome of College Hoops, NBA, College Football and NFL games.

As good as our college football model is, our college hoops model is even better. In fact, our college hoops model is the one we are most proud of. I personally would not bet a college basketball game without taking a good look at the score prediction for that particular game.

The NBA model is good, but it's the college hoops model that is worth it's weight in gold making this purchase, hands down, the best deal you will ever get in the sports prediction market. $99 is simply a ridiculously low price for what you are receiving. A complex, sophisticated prediction on EVERY GAME ON THE BOARD from now thru the NBA finals, including all of March madness and everything in between.

That's almost about 8 months of predictions at a cost of about $3 per week and these aren't some predictions pulled out of a hat. This data will easily put you on the same level as some of the most experienced pros out there and will certainly level the playing field with the oddsmakers.

At a glance, you'll be able to zero in on the games worth looking into on those HUGE Saturday college hoops cards saving you valuable time each and every day. The score predictions will start in mid November for the NBA and College hoops will start after about 5 games have been played.


NBA and College Hoops Score Predictions $99



If you're interested in our basketball consensus reports you can find them here

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