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The powerful strategies I learned at this private
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Dear Fellow Sports Bettor,

It’s Jeff here. And you and I both know that there are people that make a very good living betting on sports. And I want to teIl you about the most valuable time I’ve spent in my sports betting career. I spent a weekend locked in a conference room with some pros a few years ago when they spilled their guts, teaching every aspect of how they win big betting on sports.

It was a pheonmenal weekend. Despite my 25+ years betting seriously on sports, I had several “Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?” moments. I spent a lot of money to attend, but I profit from that experience to this day.

The private event was put on by Steve Fezzik, the two-time Hilton NFL SuperContest winner who makes a great living year in and year out betting on sports.

What did I learn? If you’re interested in becoming a consistent and regular winner in sports betting, I strongly suggest you take a couple of minutes and read this message from Fezzik himself.........

A message from sports betting legend Steve Fezzik.....

Winning at sports betting requires so much more than the right games. Betting strategy is extremely important. Yet the only way to learn the proper strategies is by trial and error, which is time consuming and expensive.

I have a great passion for making smart bets and I’m driven to uncover every opportunity to win that I can. It disappoints me me when I see people making bankroll-depleting mistakes that undermine their opportunity to win.

But teaching people to win isn’t something I can do when I run into them in a sports book. Or when they hear a media interview with me.

That’s why a couple of years ago I taught my most productive and profitable sports betting strategies to a small group of people, money making strategies such as reading the marketplace, derivative wagering, futures, teasers and much, much more.

We went “in the bunker” into a private meeting room at a major Vegas strip hotel/casino. And I taught them critical key sports betting concepts In an intensive weekend training.

Before I tell you how you can get the many hours of content from that Vegas mastermind weekend, and get it for a small fraction of what some of the attendees of that meeting paid to receive it, let me tell you how this came about.

A couple of years ago, the customers of sports handicapper Kevin O’Neill received an exclusive offer to attend a concentrated “boot camp” style weekend seminar with me. The entire design of the mastermind seminar was to empower attendees to seriously supplement and possibly eventually earn their living betting on sports.

The opportunity to attend that seminar never got beyond Kevin’s customer base, as I know he has a smart, serious group of players and those were the only kind of people I wanted to work with. Out of Kevin’s crew a roomful of eager bettors made their way to Vegas to spend a weekend learning from me and my like minded “Friends of Fezzik”.

That’s right, I was joined by some of the sharpest bettors in the world who helped teach their various specialties – sharing the powerful strategies they use to make significant incomes as full-time sports bettors.

Here's a Video of Fezzik and KO Discussing How This Seminar Came About:

The attendees found the quality of the information we shared was tremendous, and there was a real buzz in town about this small private event. It even leaked out to the media, with a Las Vegas Sun column cryptically referring to it as a “meeting of professional gamblers”.

What did attendees, who paid up to $2500.00 (plus travel, hotel, etc.) to attend, think of what they learned?

You can see what a few of them thought of the information, in their own words:

A local Las Vegas bettor in his late 40’s:“Fezzik was brilliant….his ideas, which he puts into practice himself, take advantage of more opportunities in sports wagering than I thought possible. Simple, easy to understand concepts with clearly thought out rationale. In Kevin’s advertising for the seminar he mentioned that just one nugget or idea from the seminar will pay for the seminar. That’s a typical marketing ploy that rarely comes to fruition. In this case, I picked up at least two dozen nuggets -- any of them would pay for the price of admission. Anyone who enjoys sports wagering, should invest in this seminar. Kevin and Fezzik outdid themselves. “

A business owner in his 60’s:“Simply the best seminar I’ve ever attended. In fact, it's the best thing I've ever been to period.”

A bettor in his 30’s eager to take his game to the next level: For the first time, I have guys “avoiding me”, because they owe me! The weekend actually exceeded my expectations, if any bettor is given the opportunity to attend another one of these, they should take it.”

Non-Invitees To This Exclusive Event Were Not Pleased

When word began to leak out about how valuable this mastermind seminar had been, some who weren’t invited to attend were not pleased.

Look at this email that Kevin got shortly after the weekend from a non-customer who probably learned about the seminar after the fact in the media:

“I am disappointed not finding about any seminars you may have had with Fezzik." - Charles B.

Word was out and many of Kevin’s actual customers were disappointed that they couldn’t attend because of previously scheduled family vacations, weddings, family health issues, etc.

So Kevin and I made a limited number of recordings of the seminar available for $1497, a bargain compared to what attendees paid. Equally positive feedback resulted. After the recordings were on sale for a week, we shut it down.

Why did we pull it off the market? Because I was happy with how it went, the attendees and purchasers of the recordings were happy, and we accomplished what we set out to do, turn some smart people into sharp bettors.

Fast Forward to 2013: In the past couple of years, we’ve heard from many people who have had a lot of success with the strategies that they learned from our seminar, including a couple who have blossomed into full time pros and others who do seriously well betting on sports as an avocation.

Because I’ve come across people like you via my various media outlets over the past couple of years, I’ve decided to make another limited batch of “Lifetime Sports Winner” seminar recordings available....and because a couple of years have passed, we’ve even dropped the price substantially.

Now the fact that some time has passed matters little. While some of the examples we may talk about involve teams, coaches, and players that were current then and not now, the core principals of successful sports wagering remain unchanged. These principals still work, and some (like derivative wagering) are more widely available now than they were then.

In fact, while getting ready to re-release these recordings, I took the time to review what we taught that weekend. It didn’t surprise me to see that I laid out the core strategies I’m currently using to get off to one of the best starts of a year I’ve ever had…the same strategies you will have when you order your copy. The strategies we taught are not widely known. They still qualify as closely held secrets. And they still work like a charm.

Powerful Strategies from Advantage Players for Your Personal Use, But…

This boot camp weekend was ideal for bettors who were interested in taking the strategies and tactics of professional bettors and using them in their own personal wagering. If you’re interested in finding the “sweet spot” of the most powerful wagering strategies in professional sports betting, this is the seminar for you.

But it isn’t for everyone.

This is not for you if you don’t have a firm grasp of the basics of sports betting.

You should know how the pointspread works and you should understand what an over/under is. You should understand that it is better to have +6 on an underdog than +4.5. While the vast majority of the strategies are clear and unassailably right and wrong, There might be slight disagreement between experts on the finer points of certain topics. That’s simply the real world.

There is a bit of a “locker room” aspect to these recordings. You may hear one professional bettor poking fun at another. There’s pretty good structure to them, but at times there is a little bit of a “raw & unfiltered” aspect to these recordings as freewheeling discussion took place and points were made. Nothing too bad, maybe some slight PG language here and there. If something like that bothers you, you might want to take a pass on this opportunity.

What will you Learn from Fezzik’s “Lifetime Sports Winner” Private Mastermind Seminar?

This is the core of the product. You get the whole weekend seminar on CD. We considered video, but some of the pros who we had help us wanted nothing to do with being on video, as they value their privacy and have no interest in being Vegas celebrities. Plus we’re not that good looking. Importantly, this enables you to listen in the car, while exercising, etc. The conference recording is raw and barely edited (tiny bit of editing done to eliminate people’s names in a couple of embarrassing stories).

Topics include, but are not limited to, optimal strategies for...

All major sports: football, basketball, baseball, and even some hockey
Pointspreads, money lines, team totals
An absolutely brilliant totals presentation by an over/under authority. Many attendees felt this was worth the price of admission itself.
Great prop bets: the select opportunities
Horrible prop bets, why you shouldn’t touch some popular prop bets.
Futures: Why they offer my highest return on investment in the Fezzik portfolio.
Derivative wagering: a powerful concept to boost profits.
First halves, second halves, quarters...offering sky-high ROI.
Producing profits with team totals.
In-game wagering: growing trend, great value.
Parlays: think they’re always sucker bets? Think again.
Teasers: what makes a great teaser, and what you should never tease.
Money management: different strategies for recreational vs. professional players.
A special session on the ins and outs of casino gambling with Las Vegas Advisor CEO and noted gambling expert Anthony Curtis.
Other contributions on sports betting by people who wished not to be named, but shared tremendous information with us.
Using statistics, situations, and intangibles to make good bets.

Plus a laundry list of strategies, ideas, and methods that we truly cannot share more details about here, but are explained in full on the recordings. You can conveniently listen in your car, or put it on your computer or CD player or iPad or other device or whatever.

Powerful Free Bonuses....The Fast Start Package:

Fast Start #1: The 15 Habits of Successful Sports Bettors CD: In this special 2-hour audio presentation, I’ll get to the meat of some of my most successful strategies and explains them in a way that even novice bettors can fully understand. What are the habits and activities that make some bettors successful and others struggle? You will be amazed at the power of some of the strategies, ideas, and nuggets delivered in this presentation. Get ready for some “why didn’t think of that?” moments where powerful tactics are explained in plain English. This has never been sold at any price.

Fast Start #2: The Biggest Mistakes of Struggling Sports Bettors CD: Sports handicapper Kevin O’Neill is in a unique position to know the difference between winning and losing sports bettors. Kevin has had success in the sports betting arena and has worked with top-level professional sports bettors in his network. But in his years as a public handicapper he has spoken and corresponded with amateur bettors and seen patterns develop as to the mistakes they make. Surprisingly, it isn’t just a lack of knowledge that is holding these guys back. It’s a mindset as well. Are you making the mistakes that Kevin outlines? Don’t miss this valuable audio presentation, which also has never been sold at any price.

What’s your investment in the “Lifetime Sports Winner” package?

When we first offered these recordings we truly went back and forth on the pricing for this. Now, keep in mind that attendees paid as much as $2495, and incurred additional airfare, rental car/taxi, meals, hotels, etc. etc. Many paid in the range of $4,000 to $5,000 when all was said and done.

Even though attendees report profits in excess of that from just a strategy or two learned at the boot camp, Kevin and I wanted to keep the price reasonable. So, after much debate, we decided that a more-than-fair amount would be $1,497. And remember, this is the same information that others paid up to $2,500.00 to access (plus airfare, hotel, meals, etc.), so bottom line, they were getting the same information for a fraction of what some others shelled out.

It sold, and then, as we promised, we pulled it off the market less than a week later. It hasn’t been made available since. You can have the same information for only $497.

That’s right, only $497. If you don’t quickly make that up using strategies for derivative wagering alone, I’d be stunned.

You’re getting a huge discount simply because the players, teams and coaches used as examples may not be current, but the strategies shared still work. It may be odd to hear Phil Jackson referenced as coach of the Lakers, or to hear Peyton Manning talked about as the Colts QB, but it doesn’t detract at all from the fact that the strategies still work.

In reviewing the information we shared, I’m amazed at how little changes over time. If I were to give a seminar today, it would be very, very similar. The examples are a couple of years old, but they are still meaningful. And right now I’m too busy betting and earning my living by actually using these strategies to replicate this seminar today.

And what we share has tremendous value. And we’re giving you an opportunity to receive this massively powerful information for less than the difference between winning or losing a $250 bet.

There’s not much more to say. You’ve seen how the information has helped other sports bettors quickly recoup their investment, an investment much larger than you’re asked to make in yourself.

You understand that this isn’t something you can get anywhere else. Now all you have to do is answer this simple question: “Am I ready to stop messing around and start betting like a pro?”

People ask me all the time, “Fezzik, how do I win? How can I bet like a pro? How can I maximize my chances to win?”

The answers are in these seminar recordings.

My Personal Guarantee: Look, you know I’m a straight shooter. And here’s my personal guarantee: Listen to the audios, read the manuals, go thru the quick start guide and start applying the information to your betting. If within 30 days you aren't completely satisfied with the too-numerous to mention strategies and gems that you have received you can send it back for a full refund. You can even keep the 2 Fast Start Bonus CDs just for checking it out. Now that's more than fair, would you agree?

How Powerful is this Info? A highly successful private player who lectured at this boot camp told me later, “I can’t believe I shared what I gave up in that room.”

This information is the real deal. I think you understand that I’d never sell this if I wasn’t convinced of its value. And if somehow you don’t get usable, valuable strategies out of this package, send it back and we’ll refund the purchase price.

But I’d be shocked if you don’t significantly improve your sports betting success with this “Lifetime Sports Winner” package. The hours of presentations and discussions that you’ll learn from are extremely valuable information that you would never be able to learn anywhere else.

If you want to win as a sports bettor, this is absolutely the package for you. And I guarantee it.

Go get yours now.

To Your Success,

Steve Fezzik

P.S. After listening to this information, you’ll agree. It is the premier sports wagering instructional tool ever offered. If you want to take your sports wagering to the next level, this is how to do it.

P.P.S Remember, you need to have a basic understanding of sports betting to truly benefit from this information. Newbies and novices who don’t understand the difference between a pointspread and a money line may struggle to harness the true power of these strategies.

P.P.P.S. For the rest of you, grab this opportunity now. People know from a couple of years ago that this opportunity can go away very, very quickly.

Back to Jeff:

Hey guys, it is Jeff here again. Like I said. I was in the room for the weekend that Fezzik references, and I have no doubt it was the premier educational experience that anyone has ever had in sports betting. I hadn’t just fallen off the turnip truck, and I learned a ton.

And you don’t have to be an expert to understand the concepts and benefit greatly from them.

If you hate to lose, and want to win, I urge you to invest in yourself and get this package.











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