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What are the Sharpest Sharps Betting Today?

Hey Everyone. Jeff here.

Are you overlooking a significant winning opportunity in the sports betting marketplace? 

A few years ago I was in Vegas swapping stories and strategies over ribeyes with a group of sharps. These are the guys whose bets are feared by the books, whose opinions are valued by everyone else.

When one was asked what the best springtime betting opportunity was he said, "that's easy. Baseball totals. Nothing else is even close."

At a table full of pro bettors, all of whom make their living betting on sports, everyone nodded in agreement.

I wholeheartedly agree that baseball totals are a superior opportunity to anything else right now.

I know a guy who first came to that same conclusion over a decade ago, and has been experiencing success with them ever since. And even though baseball isn't my favorite sport, I'm glad to see the season is here, because I've had some real success with his baseball totals over the years.

My source for these is Kevin O'Neill, a well known handicapper. Well, actually it isn't really Kevin. The plays are from a private handicapping team that he works with.

Here's their story. After doing well privately, Kevin first started offering baseball sides and totals to his customers in 2002. Kevin's baseball team had a decent winning year, up 13 games after juice. But there's much more to that story.

Now keep in mind that when Kevin speaks of "units" he's talking of every unit as a single game. Not double plays, triple plays, SuperDuper 10 Star Locks, etc.

But after he further analyzed the results, something stood out. He saw that he had won 20 units on totals, but sides were a waste of time, as they lost 7 units or so. He looked back at a couple of years of private play. Totals were winning. Sides were average.

This was incredibly powerful information. By not worrying about who was going to win games, they could free up time to focus even more closely on totals. They could go deeper and work harder where the real opportunity was.

Those seasons were not an anomaly. The baseball totals program has won 10 of the 12 years he has offered it as a service. Profits have been as high as 34 units in a single season. And that's all after juice, of course, and with all plays being a single unit. Other winning seasons have been more modest.

To be clear, there has always been a baseball "team", Kevin outsources the work here. The cast has changed some over the years, but the program has a strong, long-term record of success. Kevin just kind of keeps an eye on the big picture and pass along information he gets. He's well-connected, so that sometimes adds value to the process. But he's not the one doing the work.

What is considered in coming up with these plays?

Detailed Analysis: The handicapping is very much in-depth. Some teams hit flyball pitchers better than groundball pitchers, and vice versa. Some ballparks see the ball carry differently early in the season, or at night, or in humid weather. The totals team knows these ballparks intimately, knows the starting pitchers, the knows how fresh or fatigued the bullpens are.

Research: There is intense study of the SABeRmetrics in the world of baseball analysis. While most people study advanced statistics for fantasy baseball or who is likely to win, there is a ton of value here in "how many runs are going to be scored" which is overlooked by others but really benefits totals players.

Hard Work: In addition to constantly working on their numbers, there is work being done to get unique but important information. There is a lot of digging deep for information on different blogs and newspaper sites.

There's an approach here that has won in the past, and in my judgment, is likely to win going forward.

How It Works: Call 11AM Eastern Time (8AM Pacific) every day to a toll free number and enter your own personal code. You'll hear each day's plays on a recorded message. They release games this way to minimize line movement. You'll probably average less than 2 plays per day, passing on some days and having 3 or 4 plays on others. It's generally not a race with wildly moving numbers but it is best to bet early, because many games move a bit by first pitch, as they are likely to be the right side.

Get on the right side of a quality process: If being on the right side is important to you, and you want to benefit from the hard work that this team does, there's a special offer for you. Now through the All Star Break for only $595. Its like having your own, hard-working private handicapper working to uncover value for you for a bit more than $6 per day.

In a world of people flogging picks for $25, $35, and $50 per day, the opportunity to get such specialized information for about the price of a fast food lunch is pretty valuable, don't you agree?

I follow these games and if you're betting, I really think you should too.

Click here to sign up, and when you order I'll put Kevin in touch with you ASAP.

Keep winning.

Best wishes,


PS All subscribers to this MLB totals package will receive our NBA/NHL Playoffs service as a bonus!


Kevin O'Neill's MLB Totals Service $595


**If you'd prefer to purchase with a personal check or money order (or cash) shoot us an email and we'll give you the mailing details.

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