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NHL Playoffs

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There may be no better time than the NHL playoffs to find and bet money line underdogs. This is true for both individual games as well as betting a team to win the series.

Sharp bettors know that it's absolutely essential to keep their overall lay price as low as possible. Which is another way of saying, sharp bettors play a good mix of short priced favorites and underdogs over the course of any given season. Put bluntly, if you're betting money lines and laying over -135 consistently, you will lose. Period.

Take a look at the results so far this year. The Blue Jackets upset the team with the best record in the NHL (perhaps one of the best regular season teams in decades) in game 1 and 2 as HUGE underdogs. The Islanders, Blues and Stars also cashed underdog tickets on the opening day of the NHL playoffs. The only favorite to win on day 1 was San Jose.

Day 2 of the NHL playoffs saw the favs make a comeback. With 3 games on the card, The Flames and Capitals cashed as favorites with the Maple Leafs upsetting the Bruins as +140 or so underdogs.

But day 3 saw a huge underdog comeback as ALL 4 underdogs won on Friday night. The Blue Jackets wiped the ice with the Lightening 5-1, the Islanders, Blues and Golden Knights, all dogs, all outright winners.

This isn't isolated to 2019. This happens each and every year. Hockey, in that regard, is unlike any other sport. In the NBA, the best teams WILL win. There won't be too many upsets and you can be sure a mediocre regular season NBA team will NOT win the Championship. Not true in the NHL.

The playoffs are clearly a 2nd season in every way and it often plays out very differently than the regular season. To begin with, the differences between the top NHL teams and the bottom ones, are minute. This is world class talent up and down the rosters of every single NHL team. Momentum and a hot goaltender go a long way in the NHL playoffs and in hockey in general. Anyone remember the US Olympic team that upset the Russians?

The best thing about betting on the NHL playoffs is that you can throw the regular season stats out the window and handicap games by simply watching! Soak it up. Watch every game. Get a feel for which way the momentum is turning in any individual series and bet accordingly. Look for low prices favorites and underdogs.

Here are some good spot plays you can look for in each game of any given series. Now, these won't be all be underdogs, but some will, and again, short priced favs are worth playing as well.


Game 2 - Bet the lower seed, no matter the outcome of game 1

Game 3 - Bet the higher seed, if it won the 1st game and lost the 2nd.

Game 4 - Bet on any team trailing a series 3-0.

Game 5 - Bet any team trailing a series 3-1.

Game 6 - Bet the lower seed if it is trailing the series 3-2 and it lost game 5.


For further explanation of the above plays, visit Professor MJ who has crunched the numbers.

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