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Computer 900 is a service we are very proud of here at Bettorsworld. Computer 900 uses a simulation program to beat Baseball, Football and Hoops. The computer program first came about in the late 80's and early 90's which we used specifically for college football. Those of you on the scene at the time may very well recall the name as we ran a very successful 900# business. Hence, the name, Computer 900. The program has been continuously tweaked over the years as the games have changed and continues to profit having won 8 of the last 11 years in football. The selections have really taken off since the implementation of betting patterns into our algorithm.

Simulating games allows us to come up with an accurate price, or line, on the game. If we simulate a game 5000 times and one team wins 60% of those games, we know the correct line should be -150. If the oddsmakers post the game -200, we're going to bet the underdog. Our line is simply better than theirs. Over the long run, we'll make a profit. The Football and hoops approach is very similar.

We have now incorporated betting patterns at specific sharp sportsbooks into our program. Some of these books are credit shops we have access to that deal strictly with wise guy action. This program, along with our handicapping algorithm and database equate to very sharp plays. We WILL put you on the sharp side!

This service is owned and operated by - a trusted name in sports wagering on the internet since 1995! We remain independent, not aligning with any of the big name handicappers in a box sites, which enables us to keep our prices reasonable.

If you like lot's of plays, Computer 900 is for you. All plays now documented at

College and NFL Football plays released Friday Night by 8pm est


3* Regular Play

5* Top Play

10* Rare

Computer 900 will only be available in a monthly or seasonal package. We win by exploiting a long term edge we have over the bookmakers. That edge cannot play itself out in one day. In fact, no selections can. To benefit from our work, volume is needed. Over a large volume of plays, we will win.

Sign up today and let our long term edge work in your favor! Just $295 for college and NFL combined thru the Super Bowl or $99 per month

Computer 900
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