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We really hate to sound like a broken record when doing our sportsbook reviews and write ups but at times we just can't help it. That is because the qualities we look for, when deciding to allow a sportsbook to appear on our site, are the same, regardless of the sportsbook in question.

These days more than ever before, it's essential for players to look for the qualities we insist upon whether they are choosing just one sportsbook to play at, or several. Those qualities are length of time in business, track record of many years of consistent, fast payouts and great customer service. In short, we only want to deal with the best.

Bovada certainly fits the bill. Bovada is a sportsbook we are very familiar with here at Bettorsworld. That is because they are part of the Bodog family of sportsbooks. Bodog and Bettorsworld have a history dating back to the 90's when they first got their start. We've watched them grow into an industry giant over the years, the likes of which there are very few.

When Bodog decided to leave the US marketplace, their US facing business was re-branded as Bovada. Nothing else has changed. The number one most important quality for a sportsbook is longevity and Bovada has that covered with 15+ years in business.

Bovada offers nice competitive bonuses and perhaps most important of all, they employ a "real bookmaker" who doesn't feel the need to clone his lines and follow the others. In other words, you'll often find different numbers, likely to be more to your liking, at Bovada. A must have book if you plan on shopping for the best lines for your wagers.

You can find our more about Bovada's current bonus offers by clicking here.


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