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2012-2013 FOOTBALL




The Consensus Club rate for the College and NFL Football season will be just $199.99. (7 day pass also available). This is without a doubt the best deal you'll find in the handicapping world for quality selections.

It's important to understand what you are purchasing. This is NOT a consensus report. If you are looking for all the plays of all the top handicappers we offer a full consensus report here.

The Consensus Club is different. The Consensus Club, is us, here at Bettorsworld, scouring over the plays of literally hundreds of handicappers, and picking the best, based on our years of experience, and releasing them to you.

The sources used for making these selections are

1) Our own in house consensus report which lists over 75+ services

2) Our sports monitor,, which monitors the plays of hundreds of handicappers

3) Our own contacts and associates which have been accumulated via 30+ years as professional handicappers and bettors which includes but is not limited to other professional bettors who make their living strictly from betting sports.

We know which services to follow, and when to follow them. There are some very good sports services out there. There are also some that, while they may not have a winning percentage at any given time, they still excel on certain games. Some services do very well in certain conferences. Others, we call BIG GAME handicappers. They hit their big plays year after year. Regardless of if they are winning in general, when they have a game of the month or game of the year, they are money in the bank.

We pick through all the releases from all the handicappers each week, and release the very best plays to you. The strongest plays on the board. Expect 5-10 rated selections each and every week for football.

Bottom Line - We've been here online for 17 years. We were literally the first site of this kind to exist online. We have never gauged our subscribers like most of these sites are currently doing. There is simply no way the average bettor can afford to pay $1000 or $1500 or even more for a seasons worth of selections and still expect to come out on top. Bettors are being taken advantage of. First, you have to overcome the vig when placing your bets, then, you have an additional vig in the form of the price you paid for your selections.

Even if your $1500 per season handicapper wins, you'll likely still lose if your a small to average sized player. The result is, you'll never go back to that $1500 service. Here at Bettorsworld, we want you back year after year. We priced this service with all bettors in mind, large and small, which is why we have the largest percentage of returning clients year after year when compared to services industry wide.

The Consensus Club will be the smartest purchase you make this year.

You can purchase a 1 Week Pass for just $50 or the entire College and NFL season thru the Super Bowl for just $199.99




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