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We get tons of email each week from sports bettors inquiring about the Don Best Live Odds Feed. Will Don Best help you? Is Donbest for everyone? What are the advantages of live odds and information? How much does it cost?

Most oddsfeeds are overpriced. Once upon a time it was the only way for sharp bettors to get up to date information, odds and injury reports. The one or two providers like Don Best had a monopoly and could pretty much charge whatever they wanted. These days, things are different.

Just about all major sportsbooks provide their odds free online. Many also provide XML feeds for webmasters, and/or individuals to access. Yes, that's right, individuals. It's now possible for anyone to hire a programmer and create their own live odds feed, very inexpensively. A one time cost and you have your own feed without every paying a monthly fee again!

If you're planning on middling or scalping, it's best if you have a live odds feed with instant updates. However, if you're a handicapper or bettor just betting on individual games, a feed with a slight delay will do just fine. Heck, if you're a bettor and your only betting a few bucks a game, it's hard enough to win without having to fork some of that dough over to a live odds feed!

We are currently working on a feed that rivals the the expensive paid services like Don Best. It won't be ready for quite some time as we want to do it right. We had a working trial available recently but we unhappy with it's performance. But it will eventually be back and available for free, once again.

In the meantime, please use our odds feed which has a slight delay. It's perfect for checking the current updated odds on the games you're interested in betting and also includes a list of recent changes from each sportsbook so you can see the line history for each game. Great if you're following the money.

If you'd like to stay up to date with what we're doing in general, join our mailing list. Aside from keeping you updated on our live odds feed you'll also receive FREE Picks. Our Key Releases can't be beat. There's nothing like them anywhere on the net. They are the plays of professionals, complete with analysis, and completely free of charge, winning at a 57% clip over the last decade!

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