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As a handicapper, the biggest honor you can receive, is a nod from fellow handicappers. I have been involved in the handicapping business in one way or another for close to 25 years. I'm very confident in my ability to handicap games and there aren't many other handicappers that would cause me to double check my work if I found out they were on the other side of one of my plays. There are exceptions though. Carolina Sports is one such exception.

Michael Blake's Carolina Sports has produced some fantastic results for their clients over the years, making his plays some of the most sought after, week after week. Especially his 5* top plays and of course 10* game of the year. In the handicapping world, past results speak for themselves. Past results speak louder than any ad ever will. Past results are what make Carolina Sports worth a look for your football and basketball selections, particular the Colleges, as we'll see.

Here's a look at Carolina Sports College Football accomplishments :

College Regular Season 1998: #1 in Win Percentage, #1 in Net profit, #1 in Net winners
College Regular Season 1999: #2 in Net Profit, Top Plays 10-3 (77%)
College Regular Season 2000: #3 in Net Winners, #2 in Net Profit, Top Plays 8-2 (80%)
College Regular Season 2005: #8 in Net Winners
College Regular Season 2006: #10 in W/L % by The Sports Monitor

College Bowls: 67% in 1995 (16-8), 86% in 1996 (12-2), 71% in 2001 (15-6), 64% (16-9) in 2003, 66% (8-4) in 2006

College Bowls: Documented #1 in 2001, Net Winners and Net Profit, 3-1 Top Plays (75%)


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Here are some highlights from the NFL releases :

Pre-Season 1995 & 1996 combined: 22-10 (69%), 2002: 13-3 (81.3%)
Pro Playoffs 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007: 63% combined
Pro Top Plays in 2001 + 2002: 14-6 (70%), 2005 (7-1)
College & Pro combined 2002: DOCUMENTED #5 OVERALL!!

As you can see, Michael Blake's Carolina Sports selections are extremely consistent. They are consistent from start to finish each season, but stand out even more in the post season, both the college bowls and NFL Playoffs. Carolina Sports showing a profit in the post season is on par with the sun coming up each day. It's expected.

Space doesn't permit us to include hoops here, but we'll update the hoops info when November rolls around as Carolina Sports does a fine job on the hardcourt as well.

Our main goal when we started Bettorsworld 12 years ago, was to help players. To help players not only by making sure they played with the right sportsbooks but also by making sure they bet the right games. With that in mind, we endorse Carolina Sports as one of the top football services in the nation.

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