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I've been in this business, in one way shape or form, 25+ years. Now, that's quite a long time, right? Well, I was 6 years old, and entering the 1st grade when Morey "Doc" Moseman opened Doc's Sports back in 1971. How's that for longevity and a name you can trust? I've said it many times, you can't last 37 years in any business, let alone the sports handicapping business, without doing things right. Here at Bettorsworld, we are proud to showcase one of the Nations leading sports handicapping firms.

Doc's Sports would have been successful regardless of the historic run I'm about to tell you about. Known for Football selections, Doc's Sports has grown to include all of the other major betting sports and has even brought a handful of other fine handicappers on board recently. The incredible run I refer to, is hitting his Big 10 Game of the Year 19 years in a row. Count em, 19 years in a row! That run, took Docs from a hard working, honest successful handicapping service (as if that's not enough), to legend status.

There isn't anyone alive, who was part of the sports betting world during this time frame, that didn't anxiously await the Big Play year after year. I wish I had the exact years handy, but I don't. It included all of the 80's I believe. Part of the 90's. Probably a piece of the 70's as well. At any rate, it's safe to say, no other sports service in history had a more sought after play then Docs Big 10 Game of the year. The play came out, and was quickly spread like wildfire. Lines moved every year, one time at least 7 points....and still won! It's a play that is still sought after, year after year, and just like in the old days, spreads like wildfire once it's out.

But we shouldn't let this one historic run, and, more specifically, this one release each year, the Big 10 game of the year, dominate and overshadow our write up about Doc's Sports. Doc has accomplished so much more in this industry than just the one run, that it would be unfair. The individual hot seasons, and winning streaks are far too many to list in the space we have. We're talking a 37 year career folks. So, rather than do that, most people want to know, "what have you done for me lately?" We'll, Doc has won his clients money for the last two years running in football and ended last years NFL season by winning 17 of his last 20 picks. Not to mention Arena Football being up a very profitable 52 units heading into the Arena Bowl!

As most of you know, our goal on Bettorsworld is to present our visitors with the very best sportsbetting information we possibly can. When profiling and showcasing handicappers and handicapping services, Doc's Sports is the star of the show. Doc's is THE most popular service we have showcased on Bettorsworld in our 12 years on the internet. Lot's of happy customers each year that drop us a line and thank us for turning them on to Docs. Trust me folks, it's Our pleasure. You're in good hands with Doc.

You can purchase plays from Docs and receive special discount offers not available anywhere else right here on - just check our home page daily to see what Docs has on tap!


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