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Fast Eddie Sports is run by a gentleman we have come to know as one of the hardest working guys in the business, Eddie Mckinney. With Eddie, there is no gray area. Everything he does, and has done in this industry, as been documented by just about every sports monitor that exists. So if Eddie advertises a winning season or streak, and can be sure it's a fact.

Our monitor is no exception. The Free Sports Monitor has monitored Eddies plays since the 2005 football season. Since this review is geared more towards football, we'll focus on that. The old Free Sports Monitor software is still kicking. It's located at with all past records intact. Before we get to the football we should note, at the time of this review, we just switched out Free Sports Monitor software within the last couple of weeks, and already Eddie is near the top of the baseball leader board at 18-14 for +683 based on $100 wagers. A good mix of underdogs have helped Eddie put together this streak and should illustrate that with Fast Eddie, it's not just football.

Speaking of football though, with Fast Eddie Sports, you can't go wrong. In his time with us being monitored and documented, Eddie is a long term winner in College Football and is coming of an NFL season where he went 81-59 for a profit of $1610 based on $100 wagers. Or 16 Units. His NFL performance last season put him solidly in the black for football last year despite having his first College Football season without a profit.

But last years college performance wasn't the norm and we'd expect a big year from Eddie this year. In the 2005-2006 season, Eddie went 53-42 for a nice 55.7% winners and then following year, the 2006-2007 College Football season, Eddie was a fantastic 90-70.

Eddies 3 year documented results at the Free Sports Monitor are a perfect example of what betting sports for the long term is all about. 2005-2007 saw Eddie put together a winning record of 143-112. Even after a sub par College Football season in 2007-2008, he's still a nice and profitable 54.2% over the 3 years. Last season was a difficult College Football season for many solid, sharp handicappers. I should know. I suffered only my 2nd losing College Football season over the last decade.

Eddie is a solid Football Handicapper and deserves your consideration for the 2008-2009 College Football and NFL seasons. Check out all Eddie has to over at the Free Sports Monitor. Everything at the FSM is backed with our Loyalty Guarantee. Your package wins, or your account is credited.



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