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Long time followers of this site know that another site of ours, has undergone a recent makeover. You can now purchase plays from some of the best handicappers in the world, some well known, some not so well known, but all of them with their strengths and worth a look. One of the great things about the Free Sports Monitor is the ability to showcase the lesser known handicappers on the same stage as the well known handicappers that have been around awhile. Many of these handicappers, are the stars and big names of the future.

We'll take a look at some different handicappers in a long term process of reviews and profiles. Today, we'll kick it off with a lesser know capper, but one who has stuffed the wallets of his followers this baseball season. This handicapper goes by the nickname of "Whopper". When we made the switch to the new format, Whopper had a record of 260-163 with a profit of close to 50 units. This record, and units won, was tops not only at the free sports monitor, but also industry wide. No one is up 50 units in baseball on or off the internet, in the entire sports handicapping world. So hats off to Whopper for his performance to date.

He plays a decent amount of favorites, but there some underdogs thrown in as well. With this particular handicapper, it doesn't seem to matter whether he plays dogs or favs. They all seem to be winners and we have documented them all.

Here's a quick look at his most recent releases at the Free Sports Monitor -


San Diego Padres vs. New York Yankees (MLB) - 7:05 PM EDT Premium Play
Pick: Money Line: -126 New York Yankees Win


Kansas City Royals vs. St Louis Cardinals (MLB) - 8:15 PM EDT Premium Play
Pick: Money Line: -124 St Louis Cardinals Loss


Florida Marlins vs. Seattle Mariners (MLB) - 10:10 PM EDT Premium Play
Pick: Money Line: 100 Florida Marlins Win
Click Here to View Pick Analysis

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Chicago White Sox (MLB) - 8:10 PM EDT Free Play
Pick: Money Line: -165 Chicago White Sox Win


Houston Astros vs. Baltimore Orioles (MLB) - 7:05 PM EDT Premium Play
Pick: Money Line: -154 Baltimore Orioles Win


Chicago Cubs vs. Tampa Bay Rays (MLB) - 7:10 PM EDT Free Play
Pick: Money Line: 115 Tampa Bay Rays Win


Oakland Athletics vs. Arizona D-Backs (MLB) - 9:40 PM EDT Premium Play
Pick: Money Line: -141 Arizona D-Backs Win


What can we say? There simply isn't a hotter baseball handicapper in the Nation right now. You can't argue with the results. With Whopper, you'll get plenty of action as he plays a large volume of plays. He uses a sound money management system of no more than 2% of your bankroll on any one play and rates his plays 1-3 stars.

While many sites only offer handicappers that have self promoted themselves to stardom, usually with money and not winning results, the Free Sports Monitor is unique in that it doesn't matter how well known a handicapper is in order for them to take center stage. It's a stage that well known and unknown share. It's the winners that count.

Bettorsworld fully endorses "Whopper" and stands by his 2008 baseball results. We'd encourage you to visit his page over at the Free Sports Monitor and have a look around and be sure to check for daily updates.

FYI - The day we wrote this piece - Whopper went 6-0

Look for more reviews and handicapper profiles on a regular basis here at - Where the action is!


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