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If “bets" are used by many players as a method of money management. The advantage of playing an if bet is that it reduces your exposure to losses. Like a parlay, an if bet links together 2 or more individual plays and circled games may not be added to the if bet. Unlike a parlay, an if bet is not an all-or-nothing wager: the individual plays remain individual wagers and pay at the listed money line if they win. If bets can be a combination of 2-6 Teams. All selections are made active if the first team wins, ties or cancels, you would then have a straight wager(s) on the remaining teams. Players have an option of choosing the conditions of an if bet: (Win, Win/Tie, Lose, Lose/Tie).

Raiders -7 wager $110 for $100
If win, tie or cancel
Oilers +6 wager $220 for $200
Vikings -6 wager $55 for $50

The initial cost of the wager will be determined by the highest amount the play can lose. In this example the initial cost would be $275 because in the event the first team ties or cancels you would need enough funds to cover the next two wagers.

Let's look at an if bet that contains just two plays. You bet on an initial team or total, if that wager wins then the second wager that you chose will automatically be placed. You should therefore always list the bet you are most confident about first. If your initial bet loses, then the second wager is not placed. The status of the linked bets has nothing to do with the games’ starting times or what order they are played, it is strictly a logical relation. Even if the first game in your if bet is played hours after the second one, the status of the second bet must wait for the first game’s results.

The amount of the total wager is collected at the time you place the entire bet sequence.
The amount of all individual wagers that comprise the if bet could be different, they must just be changed once in the final stages of confirming the bet on the bet amount section.

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