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We get tons of email each week from sports bettors inquiring about the Don Best Live Odds Feed. Will Don Best help you? Is Donbest for everyone? What are the advantages of live odds and information? How much does it cost?

Truth is, there are far more viable options these days than just Don Best Live Odds. Here at Bettorsworld, our preferred live odds feed provider is Sports Options. Sports Options programmers created one of the very first live odds feeds ever, and have brought that knowledge and expertise to Sports Options to make this service the new gold standard in live odds.

Sports Options offers a premium live odds service as well as a standard live odds service. If you're serious about winning you simply cannot be without it. Instant injury updates faster than any other service, public betting percentages and more. See for yourself. Sign up for a FREE trial and learn how Sports Options can help put you on the right side of your wagers.

**Current Special - Sign up for one month and get a free one year subscription to The Gold Sheet!

Most odds feeds are overpriced. Once upon a time it was the only way for sharp bettors to get up to date information, odds and injury reports. The one or two providers like Don Best had a monopoly and could pretty much charge whatever they wanted. These days, things are different.


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