March 30, 2006

PINNACLE PULSE FINAL FOUR EDITION-The clock hasn't struck midnight yet on the greatest Cinderella story in the history of college hoops as George Mason has danced all the way to the Final Four beating three of the past six national champions in the process. While over 50 Pinnacle Sports customers stand to hit it big if the Patriots win the National championship, only a handful had the foresight to back George Mason at 400/1 before the tournament started.

The FINAL 4: WELCOME TO INDY. 4 TEAMS, 1 CHAMPION-The 2006 NCAA basketball season is about to come to a grand finale. And what a season it has been! All year long, we witnessed great teams and as well great players. Teams like Duke, UConn, Memphis, and Villanova held their own all season long.

March 28, 2006

SPECIAL FINAL 4 BONUS FROM BETONSPORTS!! -Enjoy the last dance - at the Big Dance - with and we’ll put a BONUS in your BASKET.Dunk some dollars in your account - before the Final Four tips off at 3:00PM EST, on Saturday April 1 - and watch us BOOST the action by 20%......more

March 23, 2006

THE PINNACLE PULSE - SWEET 16 EDITION -With big busts and Georgetown, Bradley, Wichita State and George Mason delivering big upsets, we say goodbye to the reigning champs and all representatives from the Big Ten as the mid-majors march on in the NCAA Tournament.

NCAA SWEET 16 PICKS -(1) Duke vs (4) LSU:  LSU had a convincing win over Iona and a buzzer-beater win over Texas A&M.  So far, lone-senior starter Derrick Mitchell and SEC player of the year Glen “Big Baby” Davis had led the team to victory.  To contain Duke, they would need help from everyone else on the team.

A LOOK AT THE NCAA SWEET 16 -The Wall Street Journal article specifically addressed the historical performance tendencies of #1 seeds in the Sweet 16 and beyond.  Now everyone knows that a #1 seed has never lost their opening round game, meaning that 100% of #1 seeds have advanced to the second round. By The Prophet


March 21, 2006

GOLF BETTING - WEEK 14 OF THE PGA - In week 14 of the PGA tour, the Stadium Course at the TPC at Sawgrass will host the 2006 Players Championship. The $8.0 Million dollar purse is the largest of the season thus bringing together a host of stars. For some golfers, this tournament will be treated as a major since a win will give them a 5-year exemption on tour.


March ,14 2006

BWORLD WELCOMES PLAYERSONLY SPORTSBOOK!!! - Just in time for March Madness Bettorsworld welcomes PlayersOnly Sportsbook to our list of first class, highly reccomended sportsbooks! Great bonuses, 1 million dollar March Madness contest and solid as a rock! Check em out!

PINNACLE PULSE - MARCH MADNESS EDITION!! - This weeks Pulse takes a look at a few sharp sides in the first round of the NCAA College hoops tournament as well as explaining how to use the "Pinnacle Lean" to help in your bracket pools!!

MARCH MADNESS CONTEST! - Take a shot at picking winners against the spread in our March Madness contest in the posting forum! $500 CASH prize! No sportsbook account rollover. Just COLD HARD CASH!!!

CHECK OUT ARTICLES FROM THE PAST YEAR! - Check out all the great articles from the past year including all the great Pinnacle Pulse articles as well as all of the details on past sportsbook promos many of which are still available!


March ,10 2006

SOPRANOS HANDICAPPING PART 2 - NOTE:  I had every intention of updating my previous article to give my analysis of Pinnacle's "first to die" prop bets so that the Bettorsworld readership could take advantage of this information.  Unfortunately, after I released this play to my clients they bet it down so far and so fast that Pinny took the prop off the board


March ,8 2006

HANDICAPPING MLB SEASON WIN TOTALS - One of the most underused and underappreciated wagering propositions in today’s sports landscape is the over/under season win totals for Major League Baseball. Wagering on these season-long totals can enhance your season-long win totals at the end of the season as well as give you an idea of what to expect as the season progresses. 


March ,7 2006

BRACKET BRAINS IS HERE!!!! - If you're like most people, you're too busy with your day to day life to possible follow EVERY college basketball team in the big dance throughout the regular season. If you're like most people though, chances are you'll still either bet on the tournament or you'll be in one or many office pools.....Get an edge with BRACKET BRAINS!!


March ,6 2006

SOPRANOS BETTING!! - The long awaited 6th season of "The Sopranos" returns to HBO on March 12th, and BoDog has a number of proposition bets to commemorate the occasion. With a $50 limit, none of these bets will make you rich but since I'm a fan of the show and something of a specialist in entertainment prop bets I've got some thoughts on the topic. By Netprophet Sports

HANDICAPPING THE NHL -  The 2005-2006 NHL season would be a unique challenge for a handicapper without any rule changes. Never before has an entire season of any sport been canceled, which means that the relevance of past performance data is even further minimized.


March 1, 2006

LINE SHOPPING FOR THE BEST ODDS - What are the three most important things a professional considers when betting a game? Price, price and price. Getting the best number on every game will turn a 50% handicapper into a net winner and allows a 53% capper to show a handsome profit at season’s end. Every penny you’re able to shave off of a price adds to your bottom line.

BETTING NBA TEASERS- How many times have you lost a game at the final buzzer by a point? Or how many times have you blown a huge lead to lose by two or three points? If we could count all the money those horrible losses cost us, we could be living at the beach by now. One possible solution to all those gut wrenching losses is to bet them on a teaser instead of straight.


Feb 22, 2006

BAD LINES AND WINNING PLAYERS  - In this weeks Pinnacle Pulse, Pinnacle explains how to figure when a line is bad. They also give us a glimpse of how they handle winning players. Other books should take note!

Feb 17, 2006

BRYANT GUMBEL SHOULD BE FIRED! - It's time we hold  Bryant Gumbel accountable for his remarks. It simply should not be tolerated. Jimmy the Greek was fired for some dumb racial remarks, and rightly so. Rush Limbaugh was run off the air on ESPN for suggesting that black quarterbacks were not as good as white QB's, and once again, rightly so. There are many more examples like those above, and in all of these cases, the person making the remarks paid the price for doing so.

Feb 15, 2006

MANSION SPORTSBOOK - Bettorsworld welcomes Mansion Sportsbook to the site! One of the fasted growing sportsbooks in the industry, offering reduced juice wagering across the board along with lightening fast payouts that compare with the best of the best. Check out our review of Mansion and then check out Mansion for yourselves! You'll be glad you did!!!


Feb 14, 2006

NASCAR BETTING - NASCAR FUTURES  Sure, NASCAR drivers have a great life. They make a ton of money, are idolized by millions and get paid to drive fast and turn left. Not surprisingly, most of them love their jobs. It's a good thing, since the never ending NASCAR season begins anew on February 19th when the flag drops for the Daytona 500.

Feb 13, 2006

WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC - ODDS TO WIN  We are seeing a lot of buzz and excitement around the World Baseball Classic. This is an unprecedented baseball event that will feature many of the best players in the world competing for their home countries and territories for the first time ever. has the currecnt odds for all Countries involved. Check em out!

Feb 8, 2006

COLLEGE HOOPS - EASIEST SPORT TO BEAT??? Pinnacle says so! Check out this weeks Pinnacle Pulse as they turn their attention to college hoops now that football is history. This weekly article is must read material for anyone looking to increase their sportsbetting knowledge!

BODOG POSTS ODDS ON WINTER OLYMPICS!!   With less than a week to go before the opening ceremonies for the Torino Winter Olympics, the Sportsbook is offering odds on a number of events, including opportunities to wager on which country will walk away with the most gold medals. The United States is a top contender at 11/5 odds.


Feb 1, 2006

PINNACLE PULSE - THE SUPER BOWL EDITION!!!! If you haven't been reading the Pinnacle Pulse each week you are missing a WEALTH of information which you can use in your day to day betting for years to come!! This weeks edition takes a look at the Super Bowl as well as giving us a lesson on how to evaluate prop bets!!

AND THE SUPER BOWL WINNER IS.......... Our Key release crew wraps up another successful football season with their selection on Super Bowl XL. Will it be the Seahwaks or the Steelers?? The winner is inside!

Jan 31, 2006

OSCAR ODDS ANNOUNCED -Leading sportsbook Pinnacle Sports today, relased odds on the Academy Awards. Bet on Best Actor, Best picture, Best Actress and more! Check out the odds and see who's favored to take home the Oscars!!!


Jan 27, 2006

REDUCED JUICE WAGERING -One cannot emphasize the importance of reduced juice betting. Any bettor who understands the basics of money management should use reduced juice betting. Any bettor who makes a living or who plans to make a living on sports betting should use reduced juice betting.

FUTURES BETS PART TWO -Netprophet Sports brings us part two of "back to the futures" which takes a look at the right way to approach futures betting. Inclusing the NCAA backetball champinship, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, or even Aliens landing at the White House!

Jan 25, 2006

SUPER BOWL EARLY BETTING -With nearly two weeks until the Super Bowl, bettors have plenty of time to decide which team they like in the championship game. During this period, you should not only study how the teams match-up, but also how to maximize your earning potential on the big game.

FUTURES BETS - THE SMART WAY -Netprophet Sports takes a look at betting futures and how to gain an edge on such props as the Academy Awards and NASCAR. The NASCAR season is less then a month away. Tons of potential futures bets will be available week in and week out on all the big races! Learn how to spot value!!


Jan 24, 2006

BETTING THE SUPER BOWL -Netprophet Sports takes a look at betting the Superbowl! Not only will he tell us what to look out for when betting the big game, but all readers will also receive the Prophets Super Bowl pick for free! Details on how to receive this play are included at the end of this very informative Super Bowl article!


Jan 20, 2006

KEY RELEASES FOR THE AFC AND NFC TITLE GAMES -Our title game plays have been released and are up on the key release page right now! Find out who will win this weekends championship games and represent their conference in the Super Bowl!!! 

WIN TICKETS TO SUPER BOWL 2007 -Thats right! Start planning for NEXT year. Bowmans Sportsbook is giving you the chance to win Super Bowl tickets for next years big game. Simply click this link and then glance to the links on the right. Clic the Super Bowl ticket link for more details!! 

BETonSPORTS SUPER BOWL PROMOS AND PROPS -Its Super Bowl time and www.BETonSPORTS .com is offering over 1000 prop bets!!! And that’s not all, bet 10 propositional wagers for $100 and get an extra $10 per wager (must be done in the same phone call). More Super Bowl promos inside! Check it out!


Jan 18, 2006

AFC - NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES BETTING -Be sure to get your bets in early this week as the time between the two games is traditionally the busiest of the year at all sportsbooks. This weeks Pinnacle Pulse also takes a look at the betting action on the two championships games to see which side the public likes and which side the wiseguys are on. 

Jan 13, 2006

BETonSPORTS CEO ANNOUNCES FORMATION OF COUNCIL -To examine regulation of the online gaming industry. Read more about it in this press release! 


Jan 12, 2006

99% OF BETTORS BETTING ON PATRIOTS TO BEAT BRONCOS!!! -That's right! You read that correctly. At one of the largest sportsbooks in the world,, 99% of their moneyline action on this weeks Bronco/Patriot NFL playoff game is on the Patriots! Check and see who they are favoring in the other three games!! 

IS YOUR SPORTSBOOK ACCOUNT SAFE??? -This time of year is known as the danger zone for offshore sportsbettors. This weeks Pinnacle Pulse tells us what to look out for and how to insure our sportsbook accounts are safe during this time of year. This weeks issue also takes a look at all four NFL playoff games this weekend! 


Jan 10, 2006

ACADEMY AWARDS BETTING -Among the leading contenders for various awards with both events are the Johnny Cash film staring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon Walk the Line, controversial western Brokeback Mountain, and the Stephen Spielberg film Munich. 


Jan 4, 2006

NFL PLAYOFFS BETTING -This weeks Pinny Pulse takes a look at the NFL playoffs from a wagering perspective and tells us which side the sharps are on! They also take a look at some interesting NFL playoff trends over the years. A MUST read each week for the serious player!!