July 31, 2006

COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREVIEW - MAC  - The future MAC superstar arm likely to be the next NFL first rounder resides in Akron. Luke Getsy leads the Zips and playing for the conference title and winning it is a strong possibility. This kid runs the offense to perfection and all five of his offensive line returns to block and create room for Getsy to pick apart defenses. Akron’s defense was second best in the MAC in 2005, but turnover differential plagued this team, finished 90th at -7.


July 29, 2006

BETMANIA SPORTSBOOK  - Betmania (30% sign up bonus) is a new, but not so new, sportsbook. What do we mean by that? Well, the folks at Skybook, a highly rated sports book on this site for many years, have helped to launch Betmania. Betmania will be under the Skybook ownership, but operated independently from it's own facility. Here at BWorld, Betmania will carry the same rating and level of confidence that Skybook enjoys, and it doesn't get any better than that.


July 28, 2006

SKYBOOK 20% FOOTBALL BONUS!- This is your chance to sign up with one of the most popular and oldest sportsbooks in the world. Remember, not only will you receive this great 20% bonus, but you'll also get a FREE HALF POINT on all of your football bets this year!! That is a bonus that simply cannot be beat! Check inside for all the details on this great LIMITED time only special!

CONFERENCE USA FOOTBALL PREVIEW- No frontrunner has stepped up to the plate as of yet, but four teams separate from the rest of the pack to settle the 2006 C-USA title. UCF and Southern Miss reside in the East division while Tulsa and UTEP are in the West. Talent turnover for UAB and Memphis leave this race among the previous four, but not much separates them from each other.

AFC EAST PREVIEW- We've already taken a look at the New England Patriots. Here we take a look at the rest of the AFC EAST which includes the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. This article previews those teams and makes some predictions and picks for the AFC EAST this coming NFL football season!


July 27, 2006

BIG EAST COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREVIEW  -Gone are the days when the Miami Hurricanes ruled this conference. They, along with Virginia Tech and Boston College, are now situated in the ACC. Two explosive offenses now will go head-to-head for this conference’s BCS birth. West Virginia, a consensus preseason top five pick, and Louisville will be at the top throughout this year. As far as the other six teams go, well they don’t hold a candle. Teams like Rutgers, Pittsburgh, and Connecticut are respective teams and will do their best to become bowl eligible, but they have no shot to win the Big East in 2006.


July 25, 2006

BIG 12 COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREVIEW - The Big XII is home of the defending BSC champion Texas Longhorns, but in ’06 its Red River Shootout counterparts could take the lead. Armed with the best player in the country, Adrian Peterson is healthy and ready to explode as one of the Heisman frontrunners. Texas no longer has Vince Young to rely upon and have a big hole to fill as his replacement, but the rest of the offense is absolutely loaded.

July 24, 2006

ACC COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREVIEW  - It is very rare that a season opening game in early September could decide a conference’s winner. But when Miami and Florida State meet to begin their respective ’06 campaigns on September 4th, the winner could have a leg up on the conference title after just one game. Both FSU and the U, however, have some question marks on offense, so never assume that the ACC is just a two horse race.

POKER VS SPORTSBETTING  - Here's something you can bank on--if the Senate ever does pass a bill against online gambling I can almost guarantee you that poker will be exempted in some way. There's a variety of reasons that this will be the case, not the least of which is simple politics--poker is hugely popular


July 21, 2006

AFC PREVIEW- Loaded with perhaps two Super Bowl contenders in each division, the American Football Conference should again be a dogfight throughout the rigorous 17-week schedule. The weakest division in the AFC is still the division that holds the latest football dynasty and the newest postseason threat. The East division, despite the misery that is the Jets and Bills, has the Patriots and Dolphins and could possibly see both through to the postseason. The AFC North is the home of the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

2007 COLLEGE FOOTBALL BCS ODDS- Teams compete throughout the year to participate in one of the four high-profile BCS Bowl games. To figure out who gets to play, a complex, mathematical formula is used to rank the top 25 teams throughout the season. Each Monday, the BCS ratings are updated based on the teams performances during the previous week. At the end of the regular season, the top two teams in the ratings play each other for the national championship.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS PREVIEW  - The Patriots went 10-6 last year and could have easily been 11-5 if they didn’t bench their starters for the final game against Miami. That was after suffering tremendous injuries on both sides of the ball. This team keeps losing key free agents every year, but they still have the NFL's best head coach in Bill Belichick, the best personnel guy in Scott Pioli, and the best quarterback.


July 20, 2006

ONLINE GAMBLING - AS THE WORLD TURNS  - One thing that has always bothered this writer about the US governments stance on online gambling, is why oh why oh why does our government not start right here at home if they are so concerned about our welfare? If gambling is so bad and evil, why oh why do they allow casinos with black jack tables, craps games, slot machines, keno, and so on? Why do they allow us poor citizens to go to the race track and pluck down as much as we'd like on the winner of horse races? Why oh why do they allow us to walk into a 7-11 and buy as many lottery tickets as we wish?


July 18, 2006

NFC PREVIEW - Despite being labeled the weaker of the two conferences in the NFL, the National Football Conference will be more competitive in 2006. As many as 12 teams could concievably make the playoffs this year due to the conference growing much deeper from a year ago. The NFC East is a division that could finish in any order. The Giants, Redskins, Cowboys, and Eagles are all capable of claiming the top spot  Bears in ’05.

NFL PRE SEASON PICKS AND BETTING ANGLES- It's that time of year again! The almighty football season is upon us once again and with that, comes the chance to bet on pre season NFL games! But be careful! We've seen plenty of players tap out before the regular season even begins! Handicapping the NFL pre season can in fact be very profitable though, if you know what to look for.

PUBLIC BETTING - Sportsbetting can be a tough game. Football handicappers should use all the tools at their disposal. One such tool is a chart from one of the world largest sportsbooks, showing which way the public is betting the games on their board. One of the oldest sportsbetting angles is to go against the public. This handicapping tool will tell you exactly what the public is doing!


July 17, 2006

FUNDING A SPORTSBOOK ACCOUNT-One of the most often asked questions of us here at Bettorsworld is how to go about funding your sportsbook account. This is a question that doesn't have just one answer. There are many ways to fund your sportsbook account. It really all depends on the individual sports bettor. Some methods are quicker than others.

BODOG SPORTSBOOK -We like to give periodic updates on our top rated sportsbooks as we head into each football season. As we have the 2006-2007 NFL and College football seasons upon us, we are happy to report that Bodog Sportbook and Casino is still on top. Just about anyone who has ever turned on a computer and considered wagering on sports, casino games, or poker, has heard about Bodog.


July 14, 2006

2006-2007 SUPER BOWL PREDICTIONS  - The 2006 NFL season should produce a wave of new teams fighting for the postseason, but not much will change when December arrives. Both the NFC and AFC have two divisions with three teams that could potentially claim the top spot. The other six divisions have two legitimate teams that will go head-to-head for the divisional crown. The National Football Conference should play out similar to a year ago. The NFC East is the deepest of any division.


July 12, 2006

BETCASCADE SPORTSBOOK REVIEW  - Cascade Sportsbook has really come on strong over the last few years. Cascade is known for being "old school". Real bookmakers, not like the basic cookie cutter sportsbook operations that pop up like crazy these days. Cascades roots in this business go way back, and now, with the backing of another major offshore sportsbook, cascade is stronger and safer than ever before. Cascade is not afraid to take a bet. If their online limits are not high enough for you, simply call and ask for more. Cascade takes some of the largest wagers


July 11, 2006

MOSLEY VS VARGAS REMATCH  - This Saturday Night in Las Vegas, The MGM Grand plays host to the rematch between Fernando Vargas and Sugar Shane Mosley. In their first fight, back in February, Mosley won by TKO in the 10th round as Vargas' left eye was swollen shut. If you listen to the Mosley camp, it was swollen shut as a result of an overhand right in the first round. If you listen to Vargas, it was the result of a head butt.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL WEEK ONE ODDS- The opening week of College football is still a month away yet many sportsbooks have already posted odds for week one of college football. The sharp handicappers will find many weak spots in opening college football lines, especially when they are posted so far in advance. Expect to see many of these lines move substantially between now and the College football week one kick off. So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking! Find those soft sports, and most of all, good luck!!


July 8, 2006

HOME RUN DERBY ODDS-Now that the participants for the Century 21 Home Run Derby have been finalized, PinnacleSports.com has listed odds on each of the eight sluggers winning the event at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park Monday Night. The largest sports betting site on the Internet, PinnacleSports.com list two National League hitters as co-favorites to win the contest as Houston’s Lance Berkman, participating in his third Derby, and Florida’s Miguel Cabrera are both 5/1 to capture their first HR Derby crown.

SOCCER POWER RATINGS -Many people were surprised that the Italy vs. France total opened at 1.5 goals. For diehard handicappers playing at the Pinnacle Sports book, this was expected. How did they know? Many handicappers use a universal handicapping system which can be used to set lines for any sport and requires only minimal adjustments for injuries and other situational factors. Whether you are handicapping a total in baseball or soccer, the first step in any sport is to set a baseline figure for an average game. In other words, how many goals are scored in an average game during regulation time?


July 7, 2006

WEEKEND PREVIEW  - The World Cup of Soccer and Wimbledon both come to a close overseas this weekend, while the first half of both the baseball and WNBA schedules similarly come to an end. Also taking place over the next few days are three CFL contests and a Nextel Cup race. It's Italy versus France on Sunday in the championship match of the 2006 World Cup. The Italians advanced to the title game by bouncing Germany 2-0 in their semi-final matchup, while the French picked up a 1-0 semi-final win over Portugal. Oddsmakers opened Italy as +175 favorites in this game, a line which has dropped as low as +145 at some books. France, who started as +185 underdogs, are now up to as much as +240.


July 6, 2006

BET FOOTBALL - With football season upon us there will be lots of football betting newbies finding their way to Bettorsworld for help. We'll be highlighting some of our better articles geared to those looking to learn how to bet football, as well as which are the best sportsbooks to bet football with. This first football betting articles is actually an 8 part series that covers all the basics and is a great place to start!

WESTERN OPEN BETTING- The Cialis Western Open, conducted by the Western Golf Association, has a history unparalleled by all but one golf championship in the United States. First held in 1899, the Western Open is the oldest championship on the PGA TOUR and the second oldest professional golf championship in the nation.

July 4, 2006

SPORTSBOOK REVIEW - We have put all of our Sportsbook Reviews on one easy to access page for your convienence. Make sure to check in often for updates and addtions to our review list as we focus on highlighting only the highest rated sportsbooks in the offshore industry. The almighty football season is knocking on our door, so when looking for sportsbooks to bet football with, make sure you check our reviews!


July 2, 2006

SUNDAY BASEBALL PREVIEW - Boston Red Sox at Florida Marlins Jon Lester (3-0) vs. Josh Johnson (7-4) Lester has yet to pick up a loss for the Red Sox this season, going 3-0 with a no-decision in four trips to the mound. Since getting knocked around for three runs in 4 1-3 innings versus the Rangers in his first start of the season, the lefthander has given up only four runs on 12 hits in 17 innings, striking out 20 batters in that span. Overall, Lester has a low 2.95 ERA and has struck out 24 hitters (and walked 14) in 21 innings.


June 29, 2006

TENNIS BETTING - WIMBLEDON - With Wimbledon in full swing, a lot of Pinnacle Sports players are taking a much closer look at tennis betting. If you're thinking about trying your hand at Wimbledon or other tennis events, there are a few pitfalls a little preparation can help you avoid. Many new tennis bettors don't understand the difference between the Grand Slam events versus the traditional "best of three set" tournaments. In the Men's Grand Slam events, all matches are "best of five". This means that the fair price of a match between the same two players can be very different, depending on whether it's best of three or five.

ATTENTION FOOTBALL HANDICAPPERS/SPORTS SERVICES - Bettorsworld has a few slots open for this years handicapping Central line-up. Great exposure for your site and service here on the oldest site of it's kind! Don't wait until the last minute - Get on board now!


June 28, 2006

PINNACLE SPORTSBOOK REVIEW - While many sportsbooks offer eye catching bonuses that seem to good to be true, truth is, they usually are. There are so many stipulations attached to many of the bonuses being offered today that in many cases it's hardly worth getting. At Pinnacle, that's not the case. They offer the standard 10% bonus however their real bonus comes in the form of their reduced juice wagering. -105 on NFL sides for example. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Wagering using reduced juice will earn you far more money in your pocket than ANY other form of bonus, bar none

WORLD WIDE WAGERING SPORTSBOOK REVIEW - World Wide Wagerings offices are located on the beautiful Eastern Caribbean island of Dominica, which is not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, our neighbors to the north. The Island is located between the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe, about an hour's flight to Antigua to the north.

June 27, 2006

PINNACLE PULSE ARTICLES ARCHIVED!!-The Pinnacle Pulse series of articles, which are published weekly by Pinnacle Sportsbook, are perhaps the greatest, most informative articles about sportsbetting ever written. Each article contains at least one gem of information which will make you a better sportsbettor. There are true wiseguy secrets in many of these articles. Strategies and angles used by some of the sharpest minds in sportsbetting. Now these secrets and strategies can be learned and studied by you! We've now put all of these great articles in one place to make it easier for our visitors to stay up to date and not have to worry about missing one!

SPECIAL 100% BONUS OFFER FROM WAGERWEB!- Wagerweb Sportsbook has a great promo for Bettorsworld visitors. A 100% sign up or re-up bonus! Simply deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus. It's that simple! Double your money instantly!

June 26, 2006

2007 SUPER BOWL ODDS-The chance of making a "big score" by making a futures bet, namely, the odds to win the super bowl, are far better in this day and age than years ago. In todays game, teams go from worst to first in one year. Players change teams like we change our shirts! The astute bettor, will do his homework during the off season, and calculate his own odds to win the super bowl. Which teams made the best off season moves? Which teams had an impact last year and have decent odds to win the super bowl this year?

WWTS SPORTSBOOK REVIEW-WWTS - World Wide Tele Sports, is another Sportsbook that we here at Bettorsworld are very familiar with and have visited many times. We've had the opportunity to watch them grow, from one of the original half a dozen offshore sportsbooks, into the major corporation they are today. WWTS, once an independantly owned and operated sportsbooks, is now owned by Betcorp. A publicly traded company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, and a major player in the world wide online sportsbook and casino industry.


June 23, 2006

BOX OFFICE BETTING  - No longer is sports betting limited to, well, sports. These days, sportsbooks offer betting on just about anything and everything under the sun. You can bet on the outcome of Chess matches, reality tv shows, the 2008 presidential election, and whether or not the US will launch a preemtive strike against Iran, among other things. One of the more popular propositions now being offered by many sportsbooks, is Box Office Betting. The sportsbook will list odds on the 5 or 6 movies opening up on any given weekend, and offer you the opportunity to wager on how much they make at the box office over the weekend.


June 22, 2006

WORLD CUP BETTING FOR THE SHARP PLAYER -  How can sharp players look to profit from this scenario? One obvious way is live betting while the game is in progress. At Pinnacle Sportsbook, you can bet anytime during a game with our reduced juice 16-cent lines. It’s actually cheaper to bet live than to bet at another sports book before the game!

betED SPORTSBOOK REVIEW- betED sportsbook & casino, is a member of the ThrillX Systems Ltd. family. Founded originally in 1996, as Casinos of the South Pacific, betED began in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, as one of the world's first online gaming organizations. In Rarotonga betED worked closely with the Cook Islands Government, in obtaining the first gaming license ever issued. The Cook Islands remains today as one of the world's Premier offshore jurisdictions. At the end of 1996, betED released one of the world's first generations of HTML Casino games, and began as true missionaries in the online gaming industry.

INTERTOPS - SPORTSBOOK REVIEW- When Bettorsworld first went online (1995), to track and rate and review offshore sportsbooks, Intertops, an Austrian company, was already online and serving customers all over the world. It wasn't long after that, that Intertops decided to pursue the North American marketplace, namely, the popular American betting sports. Since then, they have continued to grow into one of the largest sportsbooks in the world, catering to bettors and punters on every continent.


June 21, 2006

CRIS SPORTSBOOK REVIEW - In 1985 CRIS opened the world’s first offshore sports book in the Dominican Republic. Designed as a simple call center for customers to place sports wagers, this innovative idea was the start of the billion dollar sports betting industry that we see today. The gaming community quickly took notice and CRIS' reputation continued to grow. Always the first sportsbook to post lines, the phrase “Where the line originates” was born, attracting the world’s sharpest and biggest players.....

WAGERWEB SPORTSBOOK REVIEW- There is simply no question about it. In the gaming world, reputation is not everything... it's the only thing. Wagerweb, CasaBlanca Gaming (betCG.com) currently enjoys a solid and enviable reputation. With over seven years in the online sportsbook industry, betCG.com is leading the way and setting the pace in gaming management. It has not been an easy trip getting here.


June 20, 2006

NBA FINALS GAME 6 HEAT VS MAVS-You see, when Dallas last left the comfy confines of home, they held a 2-0 advantage and looked like the younger, faster and more balanced team.Dallas continued to show their wares all the way through the 4th quarter of Game 3. It was then they had a meltdown of epic proportions, blowing a 13 point lead and letting the Heat right back into the series.

June 19, 2006

NHL GAME 7 OILIERS - HURRICANES - Of the 13 Game Sevens in Stanley Cup history, the home team has an 11-2 record. Edmonton is also trying to become the first team since the 1942 Maple Leafs to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the finals. Whatever the final outcome of this series is, you have to give credit to the Oilers. They could have folded their tents after a 2-1 loss in Game 4. That put them one game away from elimination, and they were already playing without their injured goaltender, Dwayne Roloson.


June 17, 2006

VIP SPORTS - SPORTSBOOK REVIEW - VIP SPORTS is one of the industry pioneers with several years of solid service and lightening fast payouts to their credit. A couple of years ago, Bettorsworld had the chance to visit VIP SPORTS in Curacao and got to see this first class sportsbook in operation. VIP is committed to offering unique betting opportunities to all members, and offers new players a cash bonus up to 20% when they begin playing. Members may also take advantage of the company’s online casino, where games such as blackjack and craps and many multi line slots can be played anytime.


June 16, 2006

WEEKEND PREVIEW FROM BET JAMAICA- The Miami Heat will host the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Sunday, and will be looking to grab a lead in the best-of-seven series. The Heat tied up the set 2-2 on Thursday night by trouncing the Mavs 98-74. Dwyane Wade led the way for Miami with 36 points in the win, while Shaquille O'Neal turned in a 17-point, 13-board effort.

WORLD CUP STANDINGS - WORLD CUP ODDS- Here are the lastest updated World Cup odds and World Cup standings from leading top rated sportsbook VIP Sports!

June 14, 2006

NBA FINALS - HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN NBA TOTALS LINE - With three games gone in the NBA Championship series, there have been more than a few surprises. Even casual NBA followers were surprised at how low scoring the first two games were. Game 1 had a total of 170 points scored (with a total of 192.5), whereas Game 2 had 183 points scored (with the total at 188). Only Game 3 went over as 194 points were scored while the total closed at 189.5.


June 13, 2006

NFL FUTURES - NFL FUTURES Wagers are an extremely popular type of wager, both among the recreational players and the professionals. For the casual player, NFL Futures provide tremendous bang for their buck. What other type of wager can you make and get 4 months of enjoyment from? You can pick a few teams, and bet them to win the Super Bowl, or bet them to win their division, then sit back and root like crazy for them every week. Chances are pretty good that your bet will be alive most of the year.

June 12, 2006

BETTORSWORLD WELCOMES SPORTS.COM!!!  - Online since 1996, Sports.com is operated by Sportingbet, a UK company which is publicly traded on the AIM on the London Stock Exchange. Sportingbet easily forms the world's largest Internet gaming company, with a truly global outreach. This also provides added transparency and accountability to Sports.com and thus provides more safety and security for our customers.

June 5, 2006

2006 WORLD CUP WILL BE BIGGEST BETTING EVENT IN HISTORY!!-The “World’s Game” takes center stage beginning June 9th when the 2006 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Germany. Followed by billions of fans, the World Cup is the single biggest sporting event on earth and betting on the event will easily surpass the Super Bowl and NCAA Tournament combined.