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1* Opinion Only

2* 1/2 unit

3* Our Normal Unit

4* 1.5 Units

5* 2 Units




5* 1-0
3* 33-17
2*   9-6
43-23 Overall  65%



12/26 - 1/1

***Note - Key injuries have knocked some plays of my card. That said, the below list (5 plays) is NOT final. Line moves will dictate any additional Bowl plays, so please check back often (game days)

3* Stanford +3 (added 12/28) W

3* Virginia Tech +4 over Oklahoma St (now +6) L
3* Iowa St +4 over Memphis W
3* South Carolina +7.5 over Michigan W
3* Notre Dame +3.5 over LSU W
5* Georgia -125 over Oklahoma W

**Note - Wanted to play Kansas St. Should have played at the open when line was pk. Anywhere up to -3. You snooze you lose. Announcement of QB Rosen not playing pushed the number to -6.5. Our numbers have Kansas St  by 7+ but simply can't advise playing a game at -6.5 that you could have played at pk.


12/1 and 12/2

3* Stanford +4 over USC W

3* Georgia +2  over Auburn W

3* Miami +10 over Clemson  L

3* Wisconsin +6 over Ohio State P

3* TCU +7 over Oklahoma L




2* Purdue -2.5 over Indiana (-115 in many spots)W
2* Georgia -10.5 over Georgia Tech W
2* Utah St +1.5 over Air Force L
2* Alabama -4.5 over Auburn L




This weeks plays will be limited to the SATURDAY card.

Check in first thing tomorrow (Sat) morning. Possibly later tonight.




There are a few games we are interested in, which involve key injuries which are game time decisions.

Also, be careful this week in general. Lots of teams needing one more win to qualify for a bowl game. Combined with injuries and other motivational factors, it makes this week tricky EVERY year.

Expect the unexpected this week.......Good Luck if you play!



 ***Note - many of you pushed or won with Iowa State +7 or +7.5. Shop for the best price!!!

3* South Carolina -5.5 over Florida W
3* Wyoming +3 over Air Force W
3* TCU +6.5 over Oklahoma L
3* Iowa St +6.5 over Oklahoma St L
3* Iowa +11.5 over Wisconsin L

2* Arizona St +3.5 over UCLA L



2* Syracuse +7 over Florida State W
2* Iowa St +3 over West Virginia L
2* Virginia Tech +1.5 over Miami L
2* Wyoming +4.5 over Colorado St W
2* Cal -7 over Oregon St W

***Note the ratings this week. All 2* plays



3* Wake Forest +2 over Louisville W
Notre Dame -6.5 over NC State W
Iowa State +7 over TCU W
Penn State +7 over Ohio State W



3* Cal +4 over Arizona W
3* Texas +7 over  Oklahoma St W
3* Notre Dame -3.5 over USC W
3* Kansas St +14 over Oklahoma W
3* Iowa St +7 over Texas Tech W



3* Kansas St +7 over TCU L
3* Duke +7 over Florida State P
3* Arizona +2.5 over UCLA W
3* Texas +9.5 over Oklahoma W
3* Navy +3.5 over Memphis W
3* South Carolina +3 over Tennessee W
3* Georgia Tech +6.5 over Miami W



3* Wake Forest +21.5 over Clemson W
3* South Carolina +3 over Arkansas W
3* Arizona +7 over Colorado W
3* Kansas St +6.5 over Texas W
3* Miami Fla -2.5 over Fla St W



3* UMASS +4.5 over Ohio L
3* Wake Forest +7.5 over Florida State W
3* Washington -27.5 over Oregon St W
3* Vanderbilt +9.5 over Florida L
3* Tennessee +9.5 over Georgia L
3* Miss St +8 over Auburn L
3* Virginia Tech +7 over Clemson L
3* Ole Miss +28.5 over Alabama L



3* Purdue +11 over Michigan L
3* NC State +11.5 over Florida St W
3* Miss St +3.5 over Georgia L
3* Kentucky +2.5 over Florida W
3* Vandy +18.5 over Alabama L
3* Cal +17 over USC W



2* Tennessee +4 over Florida L
2* Miss St +7 over LSU W
2* Vandy +3.5 over Kansas State W
2* Kentucky +5 over South Carolina W
2* Texas +15.5 over USC W

***Note the ratings this week.
Small 2* (1/2 unit) plays



3* Oklahoma +7.5 over Ohio State W

3* BYU +3 -120 over Utah L


Yes, that's right, our Football and Basketball Key Releases will be FREE again this year!


The Key Release record over the last 20+ years hovers right around 56% which is a record I'm very proud of. (for those that think 60% or better over the long haul is a realistic goal, you're severely misinformed).


The best way to make sure you get all of the Keys is to sign up for our email list right here.


Remember, there will be lots of game write ups that our writers do each week that are NOT Key Releases. Any Key Release will be clearly defined as such!


Looking forward to another successful football and hoops season!


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