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With March Madness in full swing we wanted to tell our visitors about a few contests they can participate in. We'll start with our own in house contest. Bettorsworld has always been known for it's contests for all sports all year long. March Madness is no exception. Each year we hold March Madness contests in our forums. This year will be no different.

The 2008 March Madness contest will officially start on March 20th with the first round of the NCAA tournament. But you must register for the contest in the sign up thread before the contest starts!

The contest rules are simple. You will post your contest plays in the forum. Pick 10 games on Thursday and Friday the 20th and 21st. Pick 10 more games on Saturday and Sunday the 22nd and 23rd. From that point on, (the sweet 16) you pick every game right up until the Championship Game.

We have not yet determined the prize break down or total prize pool. It will more than likely be in the $300 - $500 range depending on the number of participants. The prize will be paid out with no strings attached. No sportsbook account. No rollovers, etc.etc.

But that's not the only March Madness contest in town. Literally all of our sponsors have free March Madness contests. Will will link to al their sites below but we wanted to make special mention of a couple below.

JUSTBET is running a special $25,000 contest. All you need to do is pick the final four teams, and the eventual Champion. It's that simple. As an added perk, JUSTBET is offering a 30% Free Play Bonus to all new and existing accounts on deposits of $100 and higher. For all the details on this great free contest, simply Visit the JUSTBET contest page


Another fan favorite are the March Madness bracket contests. A few of our sponsors are offering those. How does a Million Bucks sound? Well, in the Betjamaica Bracket contest, if you pick 61 winners, you walk a way with a cool Million! But you don't have to get em all right to win. There are prizes as follows :

 $1,000,000 if you pick 61 or more winners in the Tournament!
 $20,000 if you pick 58 to 60 winners in the Tournament!
$1,000 if you pick 55 to 57 winners in the Tournament!

Rank Prize
1 $2,500
2 $2,000
3 $1,500
4 $1,000
5 $500
6-10 $250
11-20 $125
21-85 $75
86-150 $50
151-300 $25

THE BETJAMAICA CONTEST is also running a bracket contest with the following prizes:

1st PRIZE - $5000 cash + 50 Flat-Panel TV (Worth: $2700)
2nd PRIZE - $2500 cash + 50 Flat-Panel TV (Worth: $2700)
3rd PRIZE - $1500 cash + 50 Flat-Panel TV (Worth: $2700)
4th to 100th - $100 FREEPLAY



As we mentioned above, when it comes to March Madness Contests are sponsors have you covered. We highlighted only a few. Space doesn't permit us to go into them all. However, simply use the links at the very top of your browser to search for contests that you might like to participate in. Whichever one you choose, GOOD LUCK!!!!

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