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We get quite a few emails here at Bettorsworld asking about the different football handicapping software programs available to the public. So rather than having to answer all those emails, we decided to put up an article on the subject which we can point people to.

Over the years we've tried them all. But the one we keep coming back to, and the one we have purchased every year for the last decade or more, is the MicroBrothers product, WinPicks.

The number of features the program has are simply too numerous to cover. We'll touch on a few, but suggest you take a look around their site and read for yourself. You can access their site by clicking here.

Our favorite feature of the program is the formula tuner. You see, unlike most other football handicapping software programs, which have one algorithm only, and produce one set of picks, MicroBrothers software allows you to fine tune and tweak the formulas. Then you can back check them against past results until you are happy with the performance of the formula.

Even better, is the formula warehouse. Other users create winning formulas and make them available to all WinPicks users. You simply click on a button within the program and it downloads the new formula in seconds. There's tons of formulas with different parameters that other users have come up with.

How does 413-220 against the spread sound to you? That's 65% over the course of over 600 plays! How about 355-177 for 67% winners! Those are some nice long term results! Best of all, you can download all the winning formulas, fine tune them all automatically with a special feature of the software, and then run a consensus of all the winning formulas. Imagine having 10 formulas, all picking in the 65% range, and 9 of the 10 formulas ALL like the same side of a football game! That's some strong stuff and it's available at the click of the mouse. This software is easy as pie to use.

There are plenty of other features. The software computes it's own power ratings for every team, every sport. NFL Football, College Football, NBA and College basketball.

The software keeps track of standings, both overall and by division.

The software keeps track of all the various stats including points scored, margin of victory and schedule strength.

There's also a trend section. The program searches for situational trends and historical trends between two teams and produces a report at the click of a button.

No data input is required by the user. You simply update the stats needed with a simple download each time you run the program.

As we said, there is so much that this program does, your best bet is to click on over to MicroBrothers and have a look for yourself. Bottom line is, for the price, you can't go wrong. The NFL program is just $59.95 and the College football program is just $49.95. Or you can get both for just $89.95. Better yet, you can get football and hoops for just $149.95.

The MicroBrothers handicapping software is a must have. We should know, we've been a repeat customer for over a decade! So hop on over to MicroBrothers and check it out!


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