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Non-Existent Parity in Week #2 NFL

Parity in week 2 of the NFL season appears to be non-existent in the eyes of the odds makers. Has the NFL failed in its attempt to force parity among its league members? Is there no chance for a team like the St. Louis Rams to come out of no where like they did in 2000 to win the Super Bowl after years of losing?

There are five double-digit dogs this week at SPORTSBETTING.COM — and the bettors are clear in their alliances, and that is squarely on the favorites.

The Cleveland Browns square off with the 10 ˝ point favorite Cincinnati Bengals in their first of two slugfests over bragging rights for the state of Ohio. These two teams hate each other and expect the Browns to play their best on the road in Cincinnati. However, 88% of the SPORTSBETTING.COM players believe that Carson Palmer and company will not let up and stick it to the lowly Browns.

Date Teams Point Spread
9/17/06 Cleveland +10.5
1:00 PM Cincinnati -10.5

The Oakland Raiders travel to Baltimore in a battle of two teams at opposite ends of the spectrum; both teams were involved in week 1, 27-0 shutouts. It doesn’t get any easier for the Raiders this week and SPORTSBETTING.COM players aren’t giving them much of a chance to cover against the Ravens, as Baltimore is garnering 93% of the action.

Date Teams Point Spread
9/17/06 Oakland +12
1:00 PM Baltimore -12

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Bowl this week pits good guy Peyton Manning and Company against the bad and ugly represented by the lowly Houston Texans. The Texans lost by two touchdowns to the Eagles at home in week 1, however this could be an ambush game for the Texans as the Colts may overlook their lesser opponent. Big problem; how do you ambush one of the best in the league in their house during their home opener? Only 7% of SPORTSBETTING.COM players give Houston any hope of covering this lofty spread.

Date Teams Point Spread
9/17/06 Houston +13.5
1:00 PM Indianapolis -13.5

87% of SPORTSBETTING.COM players are backing the San Diego Chargers, in their home opener, despite the impressive 2nd half surge last week by Kerry Collins and the Titans.

Date Teams Point Spread
9/17/06 Tennessee +12
4:15 PM San Diego -12

In another heated rivalry, the 0-1 Denver Broncos are decisive favorites over the Trentless Kansas City Chiefs. SPORTSBETTING.COM players are favoring the Broncos by 71%.

Date Teams Point Spread
9/17/06 Kansas City +11
4:15 PM Denver -11

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