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Free NFL Picks

Welcome to our Free NFL Picks. Here on this page each week we will offer our NFL picks along with write ups on select games. It's important to keep in mind that these are Premium Quality NFL picks, not just some picks we draw from a hat. Let us explain further.

For many years here on Bettorsworld, we offered ALL of our football picks free of charge, under the name "Key Releases". Those Key Releases included both college and NFL selections, however the majority of our releases were college plays.

We still handicap the NFL and spend a great deal of time doing so, however, we have always felt that college football gave us the best opportunity to win long term. We have had many successful NFL seasons but not quite as successful as our college plays.

There is a small fee for our college plays these days (Key Releases) however, all of our NFL selections will be offered for free.


Ratings Guide

1* Opinion Only

2* 1/2 Unit

3* 1 Unit

4* 1.5 Units

5* 2 Units


***Please Note - Pay attention to the ratings. A 1* play is simply an opinion. The majority of our NFL plays, if not all, the first two weeks of pre season will be 1* opinons. We generally find a few plays during the last couple of weeks worth playing and they will likely be 1/2 unit plays. (2*)

The being said, it's important to check in approximately 1 hour before kickoff as occasionally information becomes available late in the day that warrants a play!

We'll also post some steam plays when we can. These aren't our plays. They are simply across the board line moves, often times created by syndicates.




2* 12-6






10/12/14 NFL Picks

2* Browns pk over Steelers

2* Bengals -6.5 over Panthers

2* Chargers -7 over Raiders

2* Cowboys +8 over Seahawks

2* Giants +2.5 over Eagles


10/5/14 NFL Picks

2* Browns -1 over Titans P

2* Eagles -6.5 over Rams L

2* Texans +6.5 over Cowboys W

2* Cardinals +7.5 over Broncos L

2* Chiefs +4.5 over 49ers L

2* Chargers -6.5 over Jets W

2* Bengals pk over Patriots L


9/28/14 NFL Picks

2* Bears +2 L

2* Cowboys +3 W


9/21/14 NFL Picks

2* Giants pk over Texans W

2* Bengals -6.5 over Titans W

2* Browns +2 over Ravens P

2* Lions -2.5 over Packers W

2* Colts -7 over Jags W

2* Panthers -3 -115 over Steelers L


9/14 NFL Picks

2* Panthers -2.5 over Lions W

2* Bengals -5.5 over Falcons W


9/7 NFL Picks

2* Falcons +3 over Saints W

2* Bengals +1.5 over Ravens W

2* Panthers +3 -130 over Bucs W



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