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4/1/06 To Change Business Model Online Sportsbook 

Admits Error In Offering Reduced Juice On All Sports


WILLEMSTAD, CURACAO (April 1, 2006)—Leading online sportsbook today announced that the company will be changing its’ business model by no longer offering reduced juice wagering on sporting events that offers bettors up to 60% better value than other sports books. Following advice from management consultants, Pinnacle will begin offering traditional 20 cent lines on all major sports immediately – a major change from the current low margin betting options, but one that will increase profits substantially at the player’s expense.


“Although we pioneered reduced margin wagering, the recent figures reported by numerous companies that deal a 20 cent line or higher have made us realize we’re simply giving our customers too good a deal,” said Simon Noble of “This is a dramatic shift in our business model, but the bottom line is that we will make more money from bettors this way. We believe all our customers who have benefited from our low juice offerings will continue to bet with Pinnacle even though they’ll no longer save so much money on every bet they make. Instead, low juice wagering will be replaced by a ‘Pinnacle Pussycats’ swimsuit calendar and a regular column from a former playmate, while our linesmakers will be put to work devising ways of dealing dual lines and moving on air effectively."


In addition to restructuring betting margins, has also decided to reduce betting limits to a maximum limit of $200 per bet. The executive team has also stipulated that Pinnacle Sports will be implementing a no wise-guy and no syndicate policy. With the Final Four and start of baseball season this weekend, Pinnacle has determined that the best way to proceed in the future is to open betting on sporting events only an hour or two before the game starts so that the line can be sharpened elsewhere.


“We’ve thoroughly examined the marketplace and after meeting with management consultants, we realize it makes sense to not only increase the juice, but to also decrease wager limits, discourage professional players and only give bettors an hour or two to bet on games before they start,” continued Mr. Noble. “While we opened betting on the Final Four games before the conclusion of the Florida/Villanova game Sunday, that will be a thing of the past, as we hope to follow in the footsteps of the trendsetters that guarantee to open betting by mid-day before an event.”


To kickoff the business restructuring, plans on throwing an extravagant party at a nightclub in Curacao headlined by C and D list celebrities. Additionally, the company is in negotiations to produce a made for TV miniseries set to air at 3 a.m. on Saturdays on public access television. Pinnacle has also announced its intentions to purchase a fleet of Harley Davidson motorcycles using the company’s increased profits generated at the player’s expense so that Mr. Noble can appear at various events around the country with the ‘Pinnacle Pussycats’.


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About ( is the sportsbook of choice for bettors willing to pay the most juice for their bets. Founded in 1998, has earned an industry-wide reputation for providing the lowest maximum limits on the Web, discouraging sharp players, and posting the latest betting lines in the business. The company has accepted over 6 trillion bets from over 50 million players worldwide this year alone and expects to see more executives listed on the Forbes top 10 rich list than the Walton family. Fully licensed and regulated in Curacao, would like to wish you a happy April Fools Day.


*Note To Our Competitors: Please don’t feel it’s necessary to plagiarize this release as you already offer 20 cent lines. 




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