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Pinnacle Sportsbook review from; Bettorsworld is pleased to offer this review of Pinnacle sports, Located in Curacao and without a doubt the top offshore sportsbook in the world today!

Pinnacle Sportsbook World Wide - Curacao


updated 6/27/06



Pinnacle Sportsbook has without a doubt earned the title of the number one sportsbook in the world. No disrespect meant to any of the many fine sportsbooks in the world, it's just that Pinnacle does everything a little better than most, and in some cases, ALOT better than most.

There is not a category used to rate sportsbooks or review sportsbooks that Pinnacle doesn't rate number one in. Let's take a look at just a few.

Bonuses - While many sportsbooks offer eye catching bonuses that seem to good to be true, truth is, they usually are. There are so many stipulations attached to many of the bonuses being offered today that in many cases it's hardly worth getting. At Pinnacle, that's not the case. They offer the standard 10% bonus however their real bonus comes in the form of their reduced juice wagering. -105 on NFL sides for example. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Wagering using reduced juice will earn you far more money in your pocket than ANY other form of bonus, bar none. Keep records of your football wagers at -110 and then figure what your bottom line would be had you only layed -105 on your losses. You'll be in for a big surprise when you see how much it adds up to over the course of the season!

Pinnacle Sportsbook does not discriminate. Big players, small players, high rollers, wiseguys, professionals, recreational players, ALL are welcome at Pinnacle Sports. 

If you were to poll all of the professional sportsbettors in the world, we guarantee you that you would not find one pro that didn't have a Pinnacle account. That's a fact. If you ever need to know what the "right" line is on a game, check Pinnacle.

Pinnacle has grown with leaps and bounds over the years. They are now a true worldwide sportsbook, accepting wagers on just about everything under the sun from just about every country under the sun.

Pinnacle Sports Book is often the choice of those looking to only open up one offshore account. Why? Many more times than not, Pinnacle Sports will have the best line out there on any given game. So if it's your only account, you'll have the comfort of knowing just about all your wagers are made with value in mind. You'll have the best number on a large portion of your wagers, which translates into profits over the long hall.

Pinnacle also offers more wagering options than any other sportsbook. Such as team performance wagers, or proposition bets on everything from Chess matches to politics. Pinnacle was even taking $30,000 wagers on the outcome of American Idol!!

$30,000 wagers are nothing new for Pinnacle. Pinnacle offers the highest limits of any sportsbook in the world and they accept those wagers online over the internet. (most books have limits of $3000 or less online, Pinnacle takes $100,000 wagers over the net!! )

Pinnacle Sports is a pleasure to promote. There is no better.

A sportsbettor without a Pinnacle Sportsbook account is like a pilot without a plane. You won't get very far.......


But don't take our word for it. Visit Pinnacle Sportsbook and have a look around!


Here's a general summary of what Pinnacle Sportsbook has to offer.


Transaction Information


Pinnacle Sportsbook Deposit Methods:

-         Bank Wire

-         Cashiers Check (USD and CAD only)

-         Credit and Debit Card

-         Neteller and NETeller InstaCASH

-         INSTADEBIT (For USD only)

-         WebMoney (For USD and EURO only)

-         Moneybookers

-         Solo/Switch Debit Card (For GBP only)

-         Visa Electron Debit Card (For GBP only)


Pinnacle Sportsbook Minimum Initial Deposit: $50 or equivalent in other currencies.


Pinnacle Sports Book Maximum Deposit:  $5,000 per 30 day period, using credit card on line.

                                    $400 USD per day using INSTADEBIT


Pinnacle Sports Deposit Transfer fees:

-         Bank Wire: $1000 or more None

-         Cashiers Check: $1000 or more None

-         Credit or Debit Card: None

-         Neteller: None
Neteller InstaCASH:  5% of Deposit Amount

-         INSTADEBIT:  None

-         WebMoney: None

-         Moneybookers: None

-         Solo/Switch Debit Card: None

-         Visa Electron Debit Card: None


Pinnacle Sports Book Withdrawal Methods & processing time:

-   Checks via Federal Express; requests sent to the bank the next day and the checks are sent the following day.  Clients receive an email with the Federal Express tracking number.

-   Bank Wires; sent the next day  

-   Neteller; within minutes

-   INSTADEBIT, within minutes

-   WebMoney; within minutes

-   Moneybookers; within minutes


Pinnacles Withdrawal Limit: One check per day of $50,000 USD or equivalent. 

                        WebMoney maximum withdrawal of $25,000 per month


Pinnacle Sports Withdrawal Transfer fees:

-   Bank Wire: One free payout per month for $1000 (or the equivalent) or more; $25 (or the equivalent) flat fee for additional withdrawals or any withdrawals less than $1000.

-   Cashiers Check: One free payout per month for $1000 (or the equivalent) or more; $25 (or the equivalent) flat fee for additional withdrawals or any withdrawals less than $1000.

-   Neteller: One free payout per month for $500 or more; $15 fee for less than $500 or for more than one payout per month.

-   INSTADEBIT:  One free payout per month for $500 or more; $15 fee for less than $500 or for more than one payout per month.

-   WebMoney: There is one free withdrawal of $500 or more per calendar month. Withdrawals for less than $500, or additional withdrawals in the same calendar month for any amount incur a fee of $15.

-   Moneybookers:  One free payout per month for $500 or more; $15 fee for less than $500 or for more than one payout per month.


Commission or Tax Charges:  No tax or commission is charged directly by Pinnacle Sports.


Pinnacle Sportsbook Betting Information:


Ways to place a Bet: Internet & phone. Phone wagers are governed by phone client rules. Minimum play is $100 and there is no reduced pricing. 


Minimum Bet: Online USD$1 or equivalent in other currencies


Maximum Bet: Our General Limits are posted here in USD$: Limits. Exact limits are posted in each client’s account.


Maximum Win: Limits on Soccer accumulator wins & maximum horse payouts.


Odds Format: Decimal and American Pricing. The client may choose either display.


Pinnacle Sports Company/ Account Information:


Account currencies:

-         Australian Dollar

-         Canadian Dollar

-         Danish Krone

-         EURO

-         Hong Kong Dollar

-         Japanese Yen

-         Malaysian Ringgit

-         New Zealand Dollar

-         Norwegian Kroner

-         Pounds Sterling

-         Singapore Dollar

-         Swedish Krona

-         Thailand Baht

-         Taiwan Dollar

-         US Dollar


Languages you can view the site in:

-         English

-         Chinese (simplified and Traditional)

-         Finnish

-         German

-         Greek

-         Hebrew

-         Italian

-         Japanese

-         Portuguese

-         Spanish

-         Russian

-         Swedish

-         Thai


Pinnacle Sportsbook Customer Service: 24 hours per day/ 7 days a week. E-mail Only. Responses are generally provided within 15 minutes.


E-mail contact:

- (Customer Service Department)

- (New Account Information)


Bonus: 10% Cash Bonus (up to $500) for all Internet accounts that start with $250 or more, in conjunction with the ultra-competitive prices on our Website. For example, Pinnacle Sports is offering the best lines anywhere on Soccer Handicaps, less than a ten point margin the day of the match. Our website offers the best prices on most sports; an unbeatable value, 24/7. This represents a better value than any bonus or other signup incentive that can be offered.


Casino: Pinnacle Sportsbook is known for outstanding value on sports and our casino is no different – we offer 0.3% cash back – on every bet, meaning our payout levels are amongst the best in the industry.

Pinnacle Sports Books Cash Rebate program settles at the end of every day putting 0.3% of your bets win or lose back into your Pinnacle account. This is an absolute "Unbeatable Value".


Can you choose your password when registering with the site? : Yes


Location Head Office: Pinnacle Sportsbook Worldwide, Second Floor, c/o Holiday Beach Hotel & Casino, Pater Euwensweg # 31, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles.



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