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Just about anyone who has ever turned on a computer and considered wagering on sports, casino games, or poker, has heard about Bodog. They market their business in print, on the internet, on television and radio. The feedback we get from Bodog customers is 100% positive. Thus, we continue to rate Bodog as one of our best, highest rated sportsbooks here on Bettorsworld.

It should also be noted that their poker rooms are among the most popular of all the poker rooms on the net. This in itself, is quite an accomplishment, as many establishments that are known for the sportsbooks have had trouble marketing their poker rooms to the same level as their sportsbooks. But it's safe to say that with bodog, their poker room is catching up to their book in popularity!

Minimum Deposit: $20
Deposit Methods: Western Union, Visa, Master Card, Click2Pay, eWalletXpress, Phone Card, Neteller (Non U.S.), Moneybookers (Non U.S.), Bank Wire
Sign-up Bonus: 10%
Minimum Bet: Online: $5 Phone: $50
Call 1-888-263-0000 or go to to open an account and start betting today!

When deciding which sports book to deposit with this football season, one must give serious consideration to Bodog Sports book. It's easy for us here at Bettorsworld to endorse a sports book like bodog. The name Bodog has become synonymous with the word sportsbook.

The first thing Bodog has going for it is longevity. They have been in operation many years with a spotless track record of fast payouts and courteous customer service.

I first met Bodog's founder in the mid  90's at a gaming conference out in Vegas. At the time, the industry was still in it's infancy. But the Bodog founder had everything all laid out. He knew how big this industry would become, and he knew Bodog would play a major roll and lead the way.

Well, here we are almost 15 years later and it looks like he was right on target.

Bodog has become a leader in the industry. I would imagine that Bodog is probably one if the top 3 most profitable sports books in operation today. Quite possible THE most profitable.

When this industry began, all that was needed was bookmaking experience. But here today, those with only bookmaking experience are falling by the wayside.

That's why Bodog leads the pack. Not only do they employ some of the top bookmakers in the world, but they also employ some great business/marketing minds. The two together equal big time success.

As a player you'll find all the wagers known to man, Parlays, Teasers, Straight bets, totals, and on and on. You'll also sleep easy at night knowing your money is safe with a major, successful corporation.

So put Bodog at the top of your list this football season. You'll be glad you did!! Sports book, Casino and Poker Room, with its head office in the lovely island country of Antigua in the Caribbean, takes pride in being licensed in the United Kingdom, Antigua and Kahnawake, Canada. In 2004, was the first company of its kind to have its name trademarked in the United States.

At, you'll always get unlimited free payouts and you’ll have the benefit of customer service that has no peer in the online gaming world!

Founded in 1994, Entertainment is one of the world’s fastest growing media and digital entertainment companies and has offices world wide. offers a host of entertainment services, including online gaming, an international record label, a publishing division and, and an international television production division





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