FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                             July 29, 2005 is set to enter it's 10th football season on the internet!

The 2005-2006 Football season will mark one decade on the internet for and the site is just as fresh and interesting as when they opened their doors 10 years ago!

Bettorsworld will once again be the place to be this coming football season as they have lined up an all star cast of handicappers to compliment their in house crew, set to give out free winning football picks once again to all of their visitors!

Keeping up with the industry standard they set years ago, will also be host to several free handicapping contests this year with cash prizes and sportsbook accounts to be given away to all the winners.

Visiting Bettorsworld often during the football season, and any season for that matter, will provide the player with all  they need in order to win. Bettorsworld has introduced several new features on the site to help the player make educated decisions.

The Scores and Lines database for instance, has scores and lines going back several years for those handicappers looking to do their own research on the up coming games.

Match ups, complete with standings and all the other stats you could imagine are available on Bettorsworld, including live odds from several top notch sportsbooks.

Bettorsworld offers daily handicapping articles written by in house writers and outside contributors alike. Everything from betting basics to articles written by hard core professionals who make their living wagering on sports.

There's message boards, Posting forums, all of which will be host to lively discussion and sportsbetting contests including the infamous Game of the week contest!

But perhaps the single most important reason to visit is theor comprehensive listings of sportsbooks and their overall knowledge of the sportsbook industry. Thinking about signing up with a sportsbook? Better check with Bettorsworld first. Nothing happens in the sportsbook world without bettorsworld knowing about it! is the internets leading sportsbetting site, celebrating 10 years of excellence.