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The Royal Post


BetRoyal is proud to bring you The Royal Post. This feature provides sport's gaming enthusiast the best possible sport's gambling information on the net. Our primary focus is to deliver useful, informative and profitable content from a variety of sports.
This edition, we are taking advantage of one of our many NFL futures/props. Football betting is the largest North American bet on sport, and when your betting football online, it's crucial to know what to look for. 
There's a tremendous amount of football lines available, including futures/props and they are a great way to build your bankroll. The number of wins/losses posted by a team during the regular season has the potential to put you at the ticket window. We offer odds on the number of regular season wins/losses for every team in the NFL.
We broke down and 'capped all the teams, and the one we feel best has a chance to cash is the Philadelphia Eagles.
Selection: Philadelphia Eagles over 8.5 Regular Season Wins
The NFC is much more improved than in recent years, and if the Philadelphia Eagles are going to top last year's win/loss record they'll need to get stronger in several areas.
Last year, the Eagles struggled on offensive and wasn't able to effectively distribute the ball. Correcting the team's chemistry and finding a replacement for Terrell Owens is going to be crucial.
Donovan McNabb should be able to right himself after last season's struggles with the distractions of TO departing. As well, Reggie Brown can be a No. 1 wideout and help the Eagles find some balance running the football.
Also, they will need to greatly strengthen the defensive line. The Eagles dropped to 19th in overall defense last season, as their takeaway ratio dropped (from plus-6 to minus-2) and their sack total fell from second (47) to 26th (29).
The Eagles picked up Saints' defensive end Darren Howard to help improve the defense. A healthy Jerome McDougle and a steady rotation at the defensive tackle spots, will unlock Jevon Kearse who'll be able to put pressure on opposing QBs. This alone will speak volumes defensively, which will help the Eagles have a much better season than last. 


The Eagles begin the year by playing 3 teams (Houston, Green Bay and San Francisco) in their first four games that finished at the bottom in their division last season, who combined for just 10 wins. This will allow them to get a solid start out of the gate. There's no reason why McNabb can't get this offense going, and with a stronger defense, the Eagles have the potential to win 9 games or more.
We highly recommend this play. Wagering on this selection provides you with a big bang for your buck, as you'll have action weekly throughout the entire NFL season. That alone is why futures/props are so popular and considered by many football gamblers to be the strongest on the board.
Football wagering on NFL games as a straight play is also a great way to cash. Like the futures/props, betting on the sides and/or totals can be profitable if you know what to look for.
Here is a tip that will put you on your way to a win. Watching the movement of the lines can be vital in the outcome of your football wager. Remember, sportsbooks adjust the lines so that there are roughly an equal number of bettors on both sides of a game's outcome. If a large percentage of the population is betting on a team to win simply because they are a popular team, or they are hot and getting a lot of hype the sportsbook may give the underdog better odds than they deserve to even out the action, so often it's wise to take the underdog in this event.
When a line progressively and steadily moves, it's the general public or "squares" moving it. Surprisingly, you'll find out the general public is usually wrong more times than not, so going against the way the line is favoring is often a solid move. When oddsmakers put out the "openers" and you notice one dramatic line move, it's the "sharps" or "wise guys" hammering the play because they strongly feel the oddsmakers are off. Following this move is generally a good play.
We would like to thank you for taking the time to enjoy The Royal Post. We're confident each edition will add strength and excitement to all your sport's gaming experiences. 

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