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One might think the Sports Pager is on it's way out. What with the times we live in with PDA's and cell phones with text messaging and so on. No question that at some point in the near future, a service will come out that will make the sports pager obsolete. The technology is already in place. Someone just needs to step up to the plate. In the mean time, sportspagers still have their place in the sportsbettors inventory. Hey, I still use a sports pager myself!

I'd hardly recommend buying a sports pager though. They are simply too expensive and not worth the money for what they provide. There's a few companies that offer sports pagers that include scoring updates every 5 minutes, odds and line updates every half hour or so from a few offshore sportsbooks as well as a few Vegas sportsbooks. Injury reports, game situations and general sports news.

But all of those sports pager companies charge roughly $500 for the year and quite frankly, that's a rip off. Not only do you have to worry about coming out ahead winning your bets for the year, but you also have to make enough to cover your "business expense" of a sports pager.

But there's still hope!

There are a few sportsbooks still offering Sports Beepers as part of their bonus packages. Once upon a time it seemed like every sportsbook offered a sports pager as a sign up bonus, but these days the number has dwindled. Some sportsbooks offer them but don't publicize it, so it always pays to ask.

***note - we are not currently promoting any sports pagers. Check back soon.



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