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Thread: Anyone in Vegas

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    Anyone in Vegas

    I am looking for someone to pick me up some Aladdin Casino chips before they close the doors and change the theme of the hotel/casino.

    Just a bunch of $1 and $5 in good shape if anyone is interested in helping me out.

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    I am heading there Friday afternoon. I will try to get over there for you.

    Where is it located? I can look it up too but post it if you can.

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    3667 Las Vegas Blvd. South
    Las Vegas, NV 89109

    Right accross from Monte Carlo and almost right next to the MGM Grand.

    I wanted to get $100 in chips - 25 $1 Chips and 15 $5 Chips. I can paypal you the $, send you a money order, a check. Whatever is good for you.

    Thanks - I appreciate it and you may want to get $100 worth yourself because I suspect the values will go up over the next few years. Just try and get the best quality chips you can - which shouldn't be hard considering they haven't been open that long.

    Let me know - and thanks a million (after taxes).

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    Supposedly "Planet Hollywood" is making an offer to buy it from the Bankruptcy court. A bid od $350 million from what I hear. I'd never buy that place. It's been a jinx since the day it opened.

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    True - that particular strip location has never made money. Tally-Ho (and versions thereof) went bust - next was Kings Castle - same deal.

    Aladdin was owned by Milton Prell, Johnyy Carson/Wayne Newton, Ginji Yasuda and a string of others. The one guy who had made some progress (as a banctruptcy trustee) was killed in a car accident.

    The new Aladdin had the same troubles as the old Aladdin. Now Planet Hollywood - who has had troubles of their own, if I remember correctly, and Starwood Hotels (Sheraton) are buying it and plan on changing the theme.

    Anyway, since you are stuck in vegas and woodie12 hasn't got back to me - what's the chances you can get the chips for me? I'll buy you dinner . . . . .

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    Now don't all come runnin' at once now fellas.

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    Hey Stardust! Doesn't Wagerland, USA have dozens of nonstops to Vegas everyday? Maybe I"m wrong.

    What makes you think they will increase in value? Haven't NUMEROUS other casinos gone belly up in the last few years? Or, maybe their chips are worth more and now you're betting these do as well? Just wandering.

    There was a thread at another site about what is the BEST sportsbook in Vegas. I've only been there once, a couple years ago. But, I stayed at The Stardust Hotel and Casino (got a room for nada...........I know that's common for some, but it was unexpected for me. Anyway....) Awesome sportsbook!!! I think I heard that it WAS the best. My only comparison is the Reno Hilton (was there in November, last year) and that was Piddly(?spelling) compared to the Stardust Book. Again, just wandering.

    good luck with that chip thing,


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    Maybe there are non-stops to Vegas, but from the East Coast - it just doesn't make sense to fly out and back to get $100 worth of chips - know what I mean?

    Many places have gone bust over the years and some chips from those places are worth something, while others aren't. Just a guess.

    I was hoping one of the BW denizens would lend a hand. Woodie12 looked like a sure thing, but he is MIA on the strip - hopefully cashing very large tickets ;-)

    They'll be open a while and the sale isn't a sure thing so maybe I'll get a hand from someone yet.


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