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    Sep 2002

    Is this website located in Pago Pago or Botswana?

    If not, how about getting the time adjusted correctly?

    If you are located in the US, your clock is between 5 and 8 hours off, depending upon which time zone you're in.

    Sheesh! Does anyone involved with this site care?

    PS - Still looking forward to the new improved site.
    And meanwhile - yes - still uncontestably the slowest website on the net.

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    time will be fixed shortley

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    I have seen many post regarding this site being slow, and I just don't see it.

    I use Comcast cable access as my ISP and this site loads very fast

    I would suggest looking into your connection are you using Dial-Up Pee Wee this could be 90% of your problem.

    Just two cents


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    Seems OK to Me!

    I use a cable modem and this site rocks. No speed issues with me either.


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