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    Illinois at Indiana--Attention: Carpet

    Just wondering your opinion on the Illini tonight at Indi.

    I am leaning towards laying the 2 with the more athletic yet still underachieving Illini tonight in hopes they will get somehting going.

    Any team news or insight on this one?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I am sorry for not responding to your request.

    I have been very sick the last few days, watched the Illinois game in bed with a bucket at my side.

    The Illini coming into last nights game was a HUGE question mark for me...

    Winning at Indiana is not an easy task...The second half of this game Illinois held the Hoosiers scoreless for the final 9 minutes of the game...Now thats DEFENSE.

    Illinois travels to Minnesota to play Sunday another tough place to play.

    I have a BIG RED CIRCLE on my calendar, Tuesday Feb 10.. Illinois at home vs Michigan State.... The Illini are Super Tough at home and are starting to play some great defense last 2 games.

    I am laser beamed in for the next 2 games, will post my thoughts on these games..


    Semper Fi....


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