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    Bases contest winners - post here

    If you were one of the winners, please post here, AND email me at jeffbworld@hotmail.com with your Royal account number.

    thanks and congrats

    p.s once we square away this months winners, we will start this months contest.

    If there's any changes in the format you'd like to try, let me know........

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    Gee..I must have come in close to last , any money left over for a starving handicapper??????

    Let's get a new one rolling.....

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    Hey jeff, I may have won it, I had a large lead before I left for vacation but I really don't know. I am in Cape Cod now and my acct. number is stored on my hard drive back home. I will email you my Royal acct. number when I arrive back home next week.


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    Jeff, I am not sure if I slipped in for 3rd or not. There were several over the course of the contest that came in for one day or two, and not sure how they finished. I just barely finished in red figures. Regardless, I feel that next contest we should use FSM, and say you need to make a minimum number of plays for month? Just a thought, easier to know where everyone stands, and FINISHES. Enjoyed the contest, looking forward to the next. As always, insight is great. Thanks.

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    Thumbs up

    I'd be willing to grade the next one, no problem..

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    I tried to put the lines up early everyday, but some players don't play everyday which is fine, but it makes it hard to know the standings without a running total for everyone, everyday...I would love to help in that area but I am too busy to do that.

    so if someone can post the standings everyday for everyone that would benefit everyone I think?


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