Record for the Week 4-3

Subliminal messages in my offerings usually come from gut instinct as was evidenced in my statement yesterday regarding the Twins game. Lesson learned....Mom & Dad always said that things that seem too good to be true, usually are. Whatever, we're not getting rich splittin' the parlay on a daily basis, but today gives us a royal shot to redeem goes......San Diego is just too good a team to be swept by the Tigers, tab Woody Williams for a big effort on the road......Up and coming Oliver Perez (whose slider eats up lefties) can be counted on for a good showing for the Bucs against a less-than automatic Randy "Big Bird" Johnson"........O.K, O.K, I realize the Rockies usually receive it arrears on the road, but Kevin Milwood shouldn't be -210 if John Denver were pitchin'.....Tab the Rockies in an that they've had a chance to settle in the hostile confines of Detroit, look for the REAL Spurs to show up tonight and inflict some heavy damage onto the Piston's playoff hopes.

Let's try some heavy hitter SINGLE PLAYS on these......

San Diego Padres +105
Pittsburgh Pirates +210
Colorado Rockies +190
San Antonio Spurs +145 (M/L - without the points)

Let's rack 'em today guys....GLTA from The World Famous Boone Moone Fan Club