Record for the Week 4-7

O.K.....So we sucked the big doughnut last night going 0-4, but the faders and the skeptics are smiling.....Last time I went O for 4 was opening day College Football two years ago!!!!.......My brother called me and told me to stop trying to be so cute with my picks and to just get back to picking winners at any price. He said, "Quit trying to scale the mountain and just try to make it over the hill"....I told him, "I think I AM over the hill".......Anyway, we'll try to right the ship with these for tonight......Cubs the automatic pick for me since everyone knows how I feel about Yanks Pavano.....Barry Zito usually foots the bill at home for the A's......And finally, why not give the Royals another shot to continue the streak since they seem to be a totally different ballclub under Buddy Bell....Let's try....

Chicago Cubs +130
Oakland A's -135
Kansas City Royals +133

Let's get it going again boys....GLTA from the Boone Moone Fade Club