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    ****college Hoops Contest****

    Ok, here's the deal.

    We'll have a play of the day contest. We'll have another contest for March Madness for a larger prize.

    The play of the day will be sponsored by players-sb

    1st place - $500
    2nd place - $300
    3rd place - $200

    Prizes will be accounts at players-sb in which you will have to open an account and deposit 50% of your prize to claim the prize.....ie if you win 300, you need to deposit 150 and then satisfy a 5 x rollover.

    Monroe - you can start the contest whenever you'd like.

    Probably best to run it thru the end of February.

    One play per day is probably best. Easier to track. That's still quite a few plays...75 or so.

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    Terrific... Thanks Jeff

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    Thanks Jeff

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    You da man, Jeff.

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    i would like to join this contest. Do i have to sign up at a book site for this? Thanks for the info?

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    lets hoop it up


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