6-6 (-0.05 units) last week
19-14 (+4.23 units) overall

Here we are into week three already of the preseason. I have always been a believer in that week three is as close to a regular season game as you will get during these pretend games. I really think that is something to consider. Next week nobody is going to play. I won’t even take anybody in the final week of preseason, it is a 100% guessing game that week.

Last week I went crazy and played 12 games, all for one unit like usual. Just wanted some action. I guess it turned out ok as I went 6-6 and pretty much broke even. I look at it as I got the thrill of betting and it did not cost me anything.

Thursday, August 24th

Miami +6 (-130) vs. Carolina………….Many people predicting Carolina to go pretty far this year and I am sure they will, but this is still the preseason. Carolina has already said they are going to play their starters for three quarters and I think that has a lot of people jumping on them this week. I am not going to fall for it. Carolina knows they have a contending team and even though they are going to play, I don’t see a 100% effort from them. The dolphins still have a lot to prove and I see them as the hungrier of the two ball clubs. I really see this game being decided by a field goal and it that is true, the six points makes me a winner. I don’t like betting against Nick Saben either. Miami’s first string I am sure will play at least a half and so far this year their first string has been leaving the games with the lead. As much as I would love to see the dolphins, yes I am a dolphins fan, win the game, I think Carolina wins by 3.

Friday, August 25th

Pittsburgh +3 (-125) vs. Philadelphia……………..The eagles are well know for not caring about preseason games no matter what week it is, but this is a all Pennsylvania game and anything could happen. My gut tells me the steelers want to win this game. They have not really looked very good in the preseason and I think they would love to get a win under their belts before the regular season gets here. I heard the steeler coach was not happy with them right now and I think you see a different steeler team show up this week. I don’t think the points will be needed, but it never hurts to get a field goal in case.

Oakland -3 (-115) vs. Detroit………….I have said all along before the preseason started that I thought the raiders would not lose a game in the preseason. I am not sure why I was so confident in that, but so far I am right. The Oakland fans at least for now have something to be excited about with the raiders not losing a game yet. I realize it is probably false hope, but I am going to stick with my first instincts. I guess it does not hurt that you are playing the Lions either.

Baltimore +2.5 (-110) vs. Minnesota……………I have also mentioned that I think they Vikings are in for a real long year. I think it was a big mistake letting Dante go to the dolphins. I look for big things from Baltimore this year and absolutely nothing from the Vikings. If both teams play their starters about an equal amount of time, Baltimore wins this game.

Saturday, August 26th

Colts -3.5 (-101) vs. New Orleans……………..Once again, if starters are getting equal playing time, this one won’t be close. Dallas took apart New Orleans this past Monday night and Indy will do the same thing. There is just too big a talent difference in these two clubs. If this game was next week, I would probably take the Saints, but it is week three where we see more of a true version of what each team has.

Seattle +3.5 (-1100 vs. San Diego……………….Sometimes I makes picks just with pure instinct or gut feelings, and this is the case in this game. This just smells like a three point game to me. Seattle has a ton of talent and anytime you can get a team that good and get a field goal with a hook on it, it has a real good shot at winning.

New England -3 (-120) vs. Washington……………The patriots are sort of a forgotten team. Even though they might say they like being under the radar so to speak, they have to be insulted. This team could easily get back into the Superbowl again if they can get some home field in the playoffs. I think we are going to see some patriot pride this week and a New England win.

Sunday, August 27th

Denver -5 (-104) vs. Houston……………..Denver usually plays well in the preseason and I look for that continue. I feel like this line should at least be seven points. I think the broncos put on a show for the home folks in this one. Add in the fact that they are only playing Houston a team they should handle pretty easily.

Monday, August 28th

Cincinnati -5 (+100) vs. Green Bay……………I really like this Bengal team a lot. The packers are also in for a long year, I don’t care who their qb is. Packers are getting too much credit because Mr Favre did not retire this year. He should of and will wish he did by mid season.

Wow, I played nine games this week. I did not think I would like that many, but I did. Like I mentioned earlier, I will not play any games next week, they are a joke. My goal is to remain on the plus side for this preseason. That should not be a problem as I can probably go 3-6 this week and still end up on the plus side….of course I am hoping to go 6-3 instead.

We are getting closer to the start of the regular season when the Miami Dolphins upset the World Champion Steelers on national tv. THAT SHOULD GET SOME STEELER FANS FIRED UP. LETS HEAR IT.

Good Luck Everybody!!